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White top by Denibi. Pink pants by Manfredonia. Gold and pearl septum jewelry by Chrishabana.

Orange jacket by DAMA. Grey skirt by Allina Liu.  White strappy bodysuit by Naked Wardrobe.  Gold jewelry by Chrishabana.  Shoes by Johna Stone.

Nude sweater dress, and nude sweater jacket by Mola Walker. Nude suede knee-high boots by Kendall Miles. Grey wool blazer by Mola Walker. White top by Naked Wardrobe. White lace pants by Mola Walker. Gold jewelry by Chrishabana. Shoes by Johna Stone.

Black, red and white tweed jacket by Molly Bracken. Black leather jumpsuit by Shahista Lalani. Earrings by Chrishabana.  Gray wool dress by Mola Walker. Pale yellow jacket by Molly Bracken. Bracelet by Chrishabana.Shoes by Johna Stone. Pink skirt by Alon Livne. Black sweater by Balenciaga. 

Burgundy coat by Allina Liu.  Nude sweater shorts by Mola Walker. Nude suede knee-high boots by Kendall Miles. 

Copper dress by Victoria Hayes. Gold jewelry by Chrishabana. 

Photos / Kailas

Styling / Davis Carrasquillo 

Makeup /  Kim White 

Hair /  Aki Yamagucci 

Model /  Adot @ D1 Models 

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