Inspiration Station: VINCENT GALLO, Purple Magazine, Circa 2006

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While all the Fall/Winter 2010 models are coming down the runways, beautiful, pencil thin, with names like Helga, Sophie and Breline, I am sketching away for the rest of my summer stock and the beginning of my Fall /Winter collection.
I am so inspired by how ‘fashiony’ and lively New York is during these days and have already come up with so many great ideas. Things that are getting me going: Granny Skirts, The Skatallites , Elis Regina, baggy pants, Horns-via Commes de Garçon, the 70’s (of course), really structured pants, weird angles on jackets. I’m really into the idea of ‘weird’ weird, but comfortable and awkward with a tad bit of prudishness. I have a lot to work with .
While going through old magazines for inspiration I came across the picture above. Oh Vincent, how you capture true beauty.
I once called Vincent Gallo when I was working at a film production company that will go unnamed. My boss had a roster that was the who’s who of the dirty, perverted Hollywood set and needless to say it was my dream.
One boring afternoon while was ‘reading’ scripts that would end up in the shredder by week’s end,I got an tingling in my heart and its name was Vincent. He had come into the office a few times and I had always averted eye contact for fear of him capturing my soul with those icy blue eyes. When he would leave he would always say “Bye,Babe,” While I looked on vacantly. I looked over his name in our Production Black Book before, but this time I did the unthinkable, I actually called him.
“Hello!” He answered in a gruff scary voice.
“Uh, Vince?”
“Uh Vincent?”
“Who is this! Is this a prank call! WHo is this?”
“Uh, just forget it!”
I hung up in a panic and a broken heart that was mended months later when this spread came out.
The end.

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