Inaisce Presentation – SS12

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Two words come to mind when encountered with Inaisce’s SS12 collection – Form and Beauty.
The somber collection was installed in a gallery on floating ‘mechanical surrogates’ accompanied by images shot in China’s veiled mountain tops.  This is no coincidence as Jona, the designer behind the brand affirms the Chinese philosophical influence in the purity of silhouettes exuding a zen like quality.
The most striking feature however is the meticulous use of texture that begs to be touched. Fabrics used all have an artisanal quality that seems timeless, which was particularly refreshing to find in today’s synthetic driven garment industry.
Overall, the collecting seems to hail from an archaic wonderland, a monochromatic one nevertheless, where everybody in it has transcended to a higher state of being. (Sun W. Lee)

Photos / Mont

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