Fashion Questions: Love It Or Hate It?

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Story / Michaela Calotta


LOVE IT: Flirty Fringe

Lately there’s been so much fringe everywhere. I’m loving this trend for so many reasons. Firstly, it’s so goddamn saucy. Everyone notices the texture and movement of whatever you’re wearing. Secondly, what looks better when you’re out dancing than flowy, flirty fringe? You can shake and have it brush against someone else without even touching them. If you’re hesitant to try this trend, start with some tassel earrings. If you’re willing to try a healthy dose, put on this American Apparel top- it has an extra sultry exposed back! If you’re on a budget, cut some fringe into an old t-shirt either on the sleeves or the hem. If you’re ready to take the plunge, head to your hairdresser ASAP for some bangs- sometimes nothing’s sexier than a confident glance from behind some fringe.

Where to buy fringe:



HATE IT: Open-toed boots


I remember reading in a fashion magazine circa 2004 that open-toed boots were basically fashion suicide, along with pasties and camel toe. Cut to 2012, and why are they so popular? First of all, they are so impractical- chances are if you’re wearing boots, it’s cold out. Secondly, toes are one of the ugliest parts of my body, and if I’m going to show them off, it will be when my toes are perfectly manicured while I’m at the beach, and not when my legs probably aren’t even shaved in the middle of winter. There is no way to wear these and look trendy, unless you’re the kind of person who has the money to frivolously spend on something that’s going to be out of style tomorrow. Just think: if you lost your open-toed boots in the depths of your closet and recovered them 5 years later, what would you think of yourself? Judgement day. Stick with closed-toed. Your feet will be warmer and less people will be repulsed by your unkempt winter feet.


Where to discard open-toed boots:
Garbage, stat.
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