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 Dress, Marisa Wallace. Brass Bustier, Bisjoux. Earrings, Nina Berenato Jewelry.

 Fan Gown, Katherine Jacobson. Earrings, Haarstick Jewelry. Sleeping Butterfly Ring, Manifesto Jewelry.

Yarn Dress, Katherine Jacobson. Aerie Small Headpiece, AKA Jewellery. Concord Earrings, AKA Jewellery.

 Dress, Zirui Huang. Headpiece, WXYZ Jewelry.  Earrings, Castlcliff NYC.

Jacket as Top, Amanda Casarez. Patchwork Pant,Katherine Jacobson. Crown,WXYZ Jewelry. Ear Cuff,Nina Berenato Jewelry. Raya Ring, Manifesto Jewelry.

Bottom Dress, Chi Sheri by Sheri Shih Hui.  Top Dress, Perri Vaaler Brier.  Headpiece,AKA Jewellery. Collar Necklace, Nina Berenato Jewelry.

Bottom Dress, Chi Sheri by Sheri Shih Hui.  Top Dress, Perri Vaaler. Hood, WXYZ Jewelry.

Dress, Alex Yarally. Earrings, One Story. Necklace, Dress Up. Handlet,  Bisjoux.  Bracelet, Gorjana. Cuff, Nina Berenato Jewelry.

Photos /  Sabina Miklowitz
Styling / Angelina Scantlebury
Model / Diandra Forrest @ Krush Mgmt
Makeup / Jesse Genao
Hair /  Nicole Dubravski
shot @7linestudio
Special thanks to Nadia & Jesse at 7 Line Studio for the use of their beautiful studio and their help on set!


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