Fyodor Golan

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interview + photos / Cristina Chirila

We were happy to meet Golan Frydman, the half of the design duo Fyodor Golan during LFW. Fyodor Golan has been on the rise after winning Fashion Fringe, a supporting programme for cutting edge designers, in 2011.
In pictures you are very rarely seen without your partner Fyodor Podgorny, do you ever fight or disagree when working together?
We are completely inseparable though we often disagree we try to look at our disagreements as a chance to develop something new. The contrast in opinion can give birth to really interesting things!
I find your clothes very feminine and playful. I think when one wears one of your dress/skirt/blouse can’t help but feeling cheerful. How would you describe the woman’s stereotype you are creating for?
Our girl is fragile and fearless.
Since you are both male, do you have plans to introduce a men’s collection in the near future?
We would Love to! We have done a few mens looks over the last few seasons but this was really just for our own fun. Next first we are looking to introduce pre collections and then a full mens line. We do have a unisex sweatshirt line though.
What was the inspiration for your AW15 collection?
With our latest trip to Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong as a starting point, we explored the idea of something looking so real that it goes beyond reality, and begins to rebuild itself in your mind. Plastification of traditional decorative elements comes through in embroidered orchids covered in plastic, and plastic-quilted faux fur scenes of gold fish and water lilies. The concept of protective plastic covering – the idea that something is so precious it must be protected to be used. Colour and material combinations echo the blooms of orchid crossbreeds. Prints made with photo like quality, so sharp and vivid that they reach a point of hyperrealism.
In Michael Wolf’s photographs of Hong Kong’s housing complexes, the never ending colourful structures become abstract forms obscuring the skies with pure brutality. Collaborating with him, we translated these images into plasticised textured prints. Toy shops seemed like man made rainbows scattered around the metropolis – out of place, but perfect in their incongruity. Inspired by these, and obsessed with My Little Pony and everything rainbow since childhood, we collaborated with the brand this season, bringing our own interpretation to the characters. Collaged onto garments, the figures bring an element of naivety and joy of nostalgia.
Ideas are stolen and copied so fast now. Do you find it hard to compete with the fast fashion brands?
Since we design all of our own fabrics and embroideries it’s often too costly to copy. It is basically not worth copying us.
What are the designers that you look up to?
Elsa Schiaparelli, Charles James, Gianni Versace…
Rita Ora was seen a few times wearing Fyodor Golan, along with celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Karolina Kurkova, Paloma Faith…Do you ever get to actually meet them?
We Do. Sometimes have fittings Karolina is the sweetest person! and Laura Whitmore became a good friend over time.

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