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story / Michaela Calotta

As part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week this season, Mercedes hosted a special Fashion’s Night In event on Feb. 9th hosted by the very fabulous Erica Domesek of P.S. I made this… and equally fabulous jewelry designer Paige Novick. They created one-of-a-kind fashion accessories made out of the materials used to create the inside of a Mercedes-Benz car – leather, trim, etc.  Erica created the cutest Peter Pan collars and headbands, while Paige created braided tassel bracelets and bow chain mini purses. Fashion, luxury cars, Peter Pan collars. What else can a girl ask for?
Erica Domesek, founder and DIY jedi of blog and now book, PS I Made This gives Ladygunn some of her craft secrets and provides us with a special giveaway! Read on to discover how she constantly stays inspired and how she organizes mountains of craft supplies. Oh and there is a giveaway at the end so read the whole thing!
Do the things you make ever get mistaken for the designer inspiration?

Thats how the company started! Honestly somebody stopped me and said they loved my necklace and I said to them “Thanks! PS I made this” and she said “what’s your line called?” and I said “I don’t have a line, I have a craft blog” and thats how ps I made this was born.

People still stop me in my tracks- I’m sure you do this all the time- when something catches your eye to ask me where I’ve gotten things I’ve made. It’s actually funny because sometimes people are expecting me to wear things I’ve made I don’t always wear things I make all the time.

And I’m sure it’s great blog promotion as well!

It’s always a fun treat when people inquire.

So what’s your favorite item that you’ve ever made?

Oh gosh, well they’re like my children and I can’t pick my favorite, but I definitely do have some favorites, and those would be the ones that I use the most. I love my ring necklace, it’s actually featured in my book.

Right! I saw that mentioned on that Couveteur post about you!

Yeah! That’s definitely one of my favorites. Oh also, my iPad case, I do an iPad case once a month, I love using different colors of duct tape.

God, I’m sure people love getting gifts from you!

I do love giving gifts! Especially wrapping them.

Oh I bet they’re beautiful! And so are your mood boards! How do you go about making them?

Oh thank you so much! Well everything we do stems from inspiration, there’s always a story behind it. It’s really a culmination of people and things that inspire me, it can be anything from a shoe to a lamp to a beautiful editorial picture and I think that I’m constantly stopped in my tracks with inspiration that I find. I keep folders, I’m using things like pintrest and other pictures I take that I’m constantly inspired by. It’s really a collection of our archive that I use to get inspired to create collages to pull together these vivid boards and set the tone for a project.

I’d definitely say that the readers pick up on that! They’re really amazing. Do you use photo shop or are they actual collages?

Yeah, done digitally through photoshop.

Wow, that’s definitely a skill everyone wants to have!

I love the collages, I do all the collages, they’re all me!

With all this inspiration, do you ever come to a creative block?

Um, yes and no. I’m always inspired and there’s always things that get me going. In terms of creative block, I guess sometimes I’ll be working on something and I stop and think “How does this work?” or I’ll be making something and if I don’t like how it’s turning out I’ll have to take a step back from it. But I think I would say most of the things I dream up and create are kind of seamless- no pun intended. But definitely, there are roadblocks. Sometimes I’ll be making something and realize I don’t completely love it, and if I don’t love it, then I would never show other people!

Speaking of things you love, how did your book come about?

Well, the site was around for about a year and a half and was getting a lot of traffic and recognition from many magazines. I was approached to do a book and it was never something I’d planned. It was a happy accident, that was my first baby kind of, it was something that was amazing, a wonderful launchpad to extend the blog. And what it’s really become is the PS I Made This the DIY Media Company, and that allowed not only myself to get involved in a new vertical part of business, but really its been the idea of teaching people how to make their lives more beautiful through DIY, and having a physical, tangible product to sell and reach people and inspire people is truly amazing.

I agree! And a lot of times people are so obsessed with what they can buy to be trendy, and handmade things have become really obsolete, and now you’re bringing it back to be this whole trendy thing.

It’s empowering, being able to make something for yourself and putting your own personal spin on something, there’s nothing like it, it’s kind of an electric feel.

You’re definitely leading everyone in the right direction. Sometimes when I shop and see something I love I hold off on buying it because I think I can just make it for myself, does this happen a lot to you?

Yeah, the ideology and my personal mantra is I see it, I like it, I make it, and that’s the whole idea, when you see something you like you get excited about it and want to make it, and that’s the process. How many times do you look at a pair of heels and see a price tag? Trends will come and go and I believe in picking your purchases and being able to invest, but at the end of the day we don’t need to spend tons of cash just to feel good, it’s like not having to spend money on an expensive gym membership just to go for a run. It’s an exciting moment to see something you love, but if you look at at huge price tag just take a step back and think what is it that I love? Is it the embroidery, is it the string? Can I make this? Sometimes I can, sometimes I can’t. But getting inspired and having a creative eye is step one.

Yeah! And I think you act as a segway for people who don’t know how to get to that end result. You make it easy for them, you make everything accessible. If you love something but can’t afford it, you’ll show everyone how to make it.

I love that term, “accessible”. I go to hardware stores and I look through my kitchen junk drawer, I repurpose and reinvent things that are in my closet, because breathing a new life into them is what i’m about. We always want things and that’s never gonna end. I’m actually sitting here taking this call staring at a woman’s purse, it’s ridiculous, this purse is probably like $3,300. (laughs) You like how I said $3,300? I don’t know how I got that. I’m not gonna spend that money. But you know what? I’m gonna take a picture of that purse and send it to you and we can probably create something like that. Sometimes if I see something I like I’ll take a mental picture or I’ll whip out my iphone and ask “Can I take a picture? (laughs). I know that I probably have an advanced skill set, but the way that my brain thinks is that I really know how to break it apart and I think that knowing how to translate how to make something in an easy, understandable and approachable way is important and necessary.

On that note, what’s the best advice you can give to a fashionista on a budget?

I’d say if she’s looking to step up her game, accessories are the best way to do it. I’ll style basic outfits with jeans and blazers, but I say have fun with it. Bracelets, bangles, cuffs, earrings, statement necklaces, it’s such an easy way to pop and stand out. Invest in jeans you love, splurge on certain things you know you’ll really use.

I think I’m most impressed  by how you keep your craft supplies so organized! How do you do it?

(laughs) Well, I can’t take complete credit for it!  I have a lovely craft kingdom that my label maker has helped make organization possible. No matter wherever you are, the more organized you are with your supplies, the easier it is to supply them. Basically, it’s my dream world! I love it! I love going to the container store, that stuff makes me happy, everything having a place. It just makes everything easier to find, I do it in my clothes closet as well.

It’s like organizing your wonderland. So, lastly, do you every get so tired from being so fabulous?

(laughs) that’s so sweet of you to say, I mean I wouldn’t say I was fabulous! I feel different, I know I think about things differently from other people. It’s very humbling and exciting where you’re in a situation to put a smile on someone else’s face, so that to me is the fabulous part.



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