Enter the Psychedelic World of Marina Fini

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story /  Erica Russell

It makes sense to learn that jewelry designer Marina Fini refers to her line as consisting of “handmade galactic warrior princess jewelry.” After all, the designer – who crafts celestial, psychedelic tribal-inspired baubles – is basically a dream warrior herself.
“I decided to make jewelry because I wanted to create and wear designs that I always dreamed about,” the designer admits. “I’ve always loved over-sized jewelry. I also wanted to embody what I love about the earth, specifically rocks and share it with other people: rainbow crystal power!”
Not surprisingly, the California native traveled the world when she was young. Much of her influence comes from the aesthetics and philosophies of various global cultures and belief systems, including Hinduism, Native American tribes, and those of ancient Egypt. Her jewelry, which combines many of these elements, consists of handmade pieces comprised of natural stones, crystals, geodes, and metals. The jewelry is remixed in such a way that fuses ancient spiritualism and naturalism with new age mysticism and modern trends.
What’s more, each piece is one-of-a-kind, a precious transcendent treasure that contains energy-channeling and Chakra-guiding properties. “I believe anything that comes from inside the earth holds energy and spiritual power. I think that the longer someone owns or wears a crystal on their body, it picks up the energy given of that person,” Fini illuminates.
Of her love of crystals, the designer continues, “I’ve always had an infinite fascination with color-changing material; anything that morphs into something else right in front of your eyes. Optical art is something I specialize in. After discovering crystals, I knew I had to make a collection with them. I specifically enjoy how they are geometrically formed and how each one is unique.”

More than just a jewelry designer, Fini is an artist, a cyber-space queen whose work spans film, photography, styling, mixed media, and design. The young designer is an established filmmaker, having worked on and directed various fashion films, many of which showcase her jewelry design. Her whimsical, cyber-kinetic point-of-view also translates aesthetically into her styling work. Her esoteric wardrobe styling combines elements of the psychedelic, the natural, and the mystical.
“My work is really a back and forth exchange with one another,” says Fini. “I started making costumes and jewelry much later so when I have an idea for a photo shoot or film, I like to build everything from the ground up. Creating characters with my costume and jewelry designs while somehow capturing it in an interesting way is what I enjoy the most. I like to specialize in tricking the eye, creating illusions with certain materials or manipulating visuals with analog effects.”
A kaleidoscopic synthesis of new age spiritualism, cyber culture, pop fashion, and eclectic trends, Fini’s work, especially her jewelry, will take you to infinity – and beyond.

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