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ladygunn-ahrens-ohl-1 ladygunn-ahrens-ohl-2

Top, Kimichi Blue. Dress, Ecoté.  Boots, Dr. Martens.


Jacket, Model’s Own. Dress, American Apparel. Long Dress, Zara. Shoes, Dr. Martens. ladygunn-ahrens-ohl-4

Jacket, Honey Punch. Top, American Apparel. Dress, Vintage. Shoes, Dr. Martens. Harness, Ecoté. Bag, Calvin Klein.

ladygunn-ahrens-ohl-5 ladygunn-ahrens-ohl-6

Jacket, Yumi Kim. Short, Dress American Apparel. Long Dress Zara. Shoes, Dr. Martens. ladygunn-ahrens-ohl-7Top, Kimichi Blue. Bralette and Shorts, Theory. Shoes, Zara. ladygunn-ahrens-ohl-8

photos / Lara Ohl and Hieronymus Ahrens

styling / Kacey Fallon

model / Samantha Swan

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