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photographed / Santiago Pérez
stylist / Mariángeles Aguirre
All outfits present pieces reworked, found or collected by THERAPY
make up + hair / Sonia Balado
model / Ulrike Wächter @ Accandomodels Berlin

The blind leading the blind
They told me i was dumb
They said their security system was too big to outrun
I broke away and i’m never goin’ back
For all the souls they broke
Mine never cracked
Sedation through the nation
We’re screaming black and blue
Intoxication of a generation
We’re screaming black and blue
Black & Blue by Rancid
Black and Blue are the colours of bruises and scars.
Black and blue we went thru many (good and bad) times to be what we are. To learn. To evolve.
And some days we go back to Black and Blue, not to forget who we were before and why we are who we
are today.
Black and Blue not to go unnoticed but to keep our souls rebelious and strong.

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