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Begotten Saints is a fashion film and campaign that reimagines the canonization of bodies in a way to create and honor the loved and lost queer bodies of time past. We take the icons & symbols of the oppressors and reconsider the meanings and political implications they have on the queer body historically and contemporary. In the film we present a new saint, one that shows the pain and hurt while miraculously shines as a beacon of strength- we honor the body, the flesh, the soul, the mind SPIRITUAL AND CARNAL.


Creative Direction / Levi Campello

Photographer / Kevin Sikorsky

Film/ Chandler Clemens

Model / Clayton Wilson Designer/

Stylist / Levi Campello

Jewelry / Lorenz Mager

Hair consultant / Marin Mullen

Music / Dog Pound by Aux Blood Ft. Swords

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