Basic B!tch

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20161208_Ladygunn_BasicBitch10172 20161208_Ladygunn_BasicBitch10288

Dsquared – pink top and denim skirt,  Ed Hardy ChrisHan Audigier- red tee and belt

20161208_Ladygunn_BasicBitch10397 copy

feather vest -Adrienne Landau. earrings-RJ Graziano. lucite necklace and bangles-Iris Apfel x Macy’s INC. bikini top -Shahista Lalani.

20161208_Ladygunn_BasicBitch10746 20161208_Ladygunn_BasicBitch10844 copy 20161208_Ladygunn_BasicBitch10978

From left: pink dress-ASOS. pink floral bra-Lively. crystal necklaces-RJ Graziano. rainbow dress-Colin Locascio.

20161208_Ladygunn_BasicBitch11275 copy 20161208_Ladygunn_BasicBitch11295 20161208_Ladygunn_BasicBitch11365 copy

 pink skirt-ASOS. watches – Michael Michael Kors.  jewelry – RJ Graziano. shoes- INC International Concepts. bags- Von Dutch. top-Vintage.

20161208_Ladygunn_BasicBitch11677 20161208_Ladygunn_BasicBitch11713 20161208_Ladygunn_BasicBitch11827-Recovered copy 20161208_Ladygunn_BasicBitch11971 copy 20161208_Ladygunn_BasicBitch12007-Recovered

From left,pink boots-UGG.  blue tracksuit-•Juicy Couture.  yellow tee-Ed Hardy ChrisDan Audigier.  tan boots- UGG. track suit- Juicy Couture. butterfly tee-INC International Concepts. chain heart necklace- RJ Graziano. telephone bag- Betsey Johnson.

20161208_Ladygunn_BasicBitch12063 copy 20161208_Ladygunn_BasicBitch12285 copy opener

Photographer /  Tory Rust 

Stylist /  Shea Daspin 

Hair /  Stefani Annaliese 

Makeup / Eric Vosburg 

Casting /  Eric Cano

Nails / Tori Huang
Models / Shauna Bennett at Soul Artist Management and Renee M. @ MC2
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