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CARDIGAN: Chanel TOP: Ann Demeulemeester TROUSERS: Just Cavalli GLOVES: Chopova Lowena BELT: Vintage

Discomfort inside our skin, leaking into our head and body, we feel the intense pressure of the self we had formed for their perception all those years ago.

TOP: Hyein Seo BOTTOM: Razorr Studio SHOES: Maison Margiela

TOP: Rick Owens BRA: Didu SHORTS: Oinkoink SHOES: NoDress SOCKS: ARIADNAw

The night sky, beneath the weight of infinite stars burning through our empty chest.

DRESS: Jean Paul Gauthier TIGHTS: GivenRaven SHOES: Shushu/Tong

The moon keeps watchful eyes

over us as we embrace the night


TOP: Hyein Seo TROUSERS: CSFC SHOES: Shushu/Tong NECK SCARF: Glee Rainbow


The same darkness we feared is

now veiling all light, engulfing our

body entirely.

an eclipse from within

TOP: NONAME SPACE SKIRT: Maison Margiela SHOES: Rick Owens BELT: Strike A Pose

BELT: Haider Ackermann DRESS: Maison Margiela SKIRT: Hyein Seo SHOES: NoDress NECKLACE: JOJOclub

TOP: vaegabond.ces TOP UNDER: Hyein Seo SKIRT: Hyein Seo SHOES: Prada HEADPIECE: Hyein Seo

Director + Photographer Zach Phan @zachphan assisted by Seyna Rose @seynarose

Co-Art Director + Stylist Yuyu Wang @_yuyuwang_

Hair Stylist Valeria Amirova @valeriaamirova

Makeup Artist Brithani Phatal @therealbritphatal

Words Madeleine Ray @spotles.minds

Model Lili-May @lili_rhe from Anita Norris Model Management @anm_mgmt

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