Anna Dello Russo needs you to take a fashion shower.

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This song is either the best trance song I have ever heard or a message from the Devil(wearing Prada or course). The video is exactly what I always want to do, dance around with my gay husband(whichever one is not mad at me at the moment) choreographing routines and trying on amazing clothes. I feel like I am listening to is a glorious drunken rant from some super rich 70 year old woman trying to give fashion advice to her pudgy granddaughter. Is it so wrong I want to be that granddaughter? Oh Anna, how you invade my inner consumerist and leave me with a longing for fabrics I am too clumsy to wear. If anyone needs a fashion shower it would not be the lady who is the editor at Vogue Japan, aka, the most fashiony Vogue in my opinion, and has an entire apartment to house her stock of various garments from designers I can’t even pronounce at this stage of my life. I am still trying to figure out the correct way to say Proenza Schouler at showrooms without sounding like an asshole. For future reference guys,

If only Anna would adopt me under her graceful, robotic, gold Chanel wing I might learn the ins and outs of this cut throat fashion world. What is the proper way to sit at a fashion show? What is a good substitute for food?
I will leave you with some words of wisdom, please pay attention:
“Fashion is always uncomfortable, when you get comfortable you never get the look.”
“You need a fashion shower, why because I love it.”
“Before you get dressed, dance, dance, dance, dance..”


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