Amazon Annie

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Name: Amazon Annie
Occupation: Queen of Squeeze; female submission wrestler

What influences your style?  The sleek coat of the stealthy Leopard. Circus strong men with stripes and suspenders! Crazy wild amazon women of my best imaginings, covered in sweat, mud and the blood of their vanquished foe.

Who influences you style? Queen Kong (or Matilda the Hun from G.L.O.W.) and Sheena of the Jungle (a comic book from the forties)
What are you wearing right now? My Clark Kent day job outfit, to blend in with all the unsuspecting: jeans and my favorite vintage Joy Division t-shirt. Yep, that’s right vintage Joy Division.
What do you want to be wearing right now?  My velvet leopard print body suit, circa Julie Newmar.

If I could switch closets with anyone who would it be? Red Sonja (you know, the ‘She Devil with a Sword’, fellow barbarian to Conan.)

What did you want to be when you grew up? I didn’t want to grow up. So I didn’t, I just got smarter, and stronger.

What article of clothing do  regret giving up? A leopard print, high hipped, body suit from the seventies. It was ripped to shreds in a cat fight against my fellow doommaiden Veve Lane.

Who do you love?  I’m not too sure if warrior women are able to love.

What indie designer are you obsessed with?  Papusza Couture ( She is Amazon Annie’s costume designer, she puts on the ‘bad ass’ on my back with suits adorned with leather and spandex and other fun wild woman accouterments!

Where do you shop right now?  I scavenge in the jungle, dig thru the trash,  ravage the House of Spandex and collect skulls like the Grim Reaper. Oh wait..that’s not really considered ‘shopping’ is it? Well I am a wild woman!

Amazon Annie is a glamazon, 6 foot tall and built so big she isn’t a brick house, she is a sky scraper!
She has been rassling, submission style (aka the ‘ow don’t hurt me, Annie!’ kind) for the last year and a half with the Doommaidens, one of the best places to find seriously tough submission session wrestlers in NYC.  She originally found her talent in New Orleans as the undefeated mud wrestler named Killer.
Right now she tours, performs live and has videos for sale, if you would get up to date details visit her at!
Photographer: Gina Longhitano

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