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Story / Phil Gomez

Photos / Sam San Roman

In the heart of the iconic Chelsea Hotel, a conversation with LEXXE set the stage for a musical journey. As we discussed her identity and the unique blend of supernatural, witchy disco that defines her music, a spark ignited. It was during this chat that we referred to her as “The City Witch,” drawing inspiration from her fashion and aura. Little did I know, this would be the seed that blossomed into her stunning track, “DISCO WITCH.”

“DISCO WITCH” offers a dual listening experience. Within the album’s broader narrative, the Disco Witch ascends to dispel nightmares through the power of dance and disco. But there’s a personal layer to the track as well. LEXXE believes in sharing her magic and positive energy through music. One of her favorite lines, “I weave the songs you sing along to and I make the moves you groove along baby,” reflects this deeply. The song, imbued with comfort and empowerment, draws from LEXXE’s childhood memories of her mother singing and dancing to Diana Ross, blending nostalgia with fresh disco energy.

LEXXE’s recent cover of Stevie Nicks’ “Stand Back” is a testament to her deep appreciation for iconic music. The song, with its powerful vocals, and danceable rhythm, had always resonated with her. After seeing Stevie Nicks perform, LEXXE felt inspired to create her version. She kept the essential elements of the original but added darker synths and a unique ending, making it unmistakably her own. This cover is a tribute to Stevie Nicks’ influence while showcasing LEXXE’s artistic flair. Making a true classic fresh and sexier.

LEXXE’s upcoming album promises an immersive experience, rich with lore and diverse characters. She described it to me as her “LEXXE Charcuterie,” a collection of sounds and stories intricately woven together. The Disco Witch is just one of many characters in this fantastical world, hinting at potential sequels and further adventures. Fans can expect a journey through new territories, all tied together by LEXXE’s compelling storytelling.

Looking ahead, LEXXE envisions creating a tangible world for her fans, reminiscent to the immersive experiences she cherished with albums like Belladonna or Lady Gaga’s music videos. She dreams of playing at festivals, opening tours, and reaching a broader audience. With eyes set on the Grammy in 2028, LEXXE aspires to claim the title of Best New Artist. Her ultimate goal is to build a universe that resonates with listeners, offering a sanctuary of acceptance, kindness, and fantasy.

LEXXE’s songwriting process is both spontaneous and ritualistic. She constantly jots down lyrics and ideas, immersing herself in the atmosphere of each song. For “DISCO WITCH,” she drew inspiration from old disco nightclub footage and her portrayal of a character reminiscent of Lilith, embodying powerful feminine energy. Michael Herkes’ “THE GLAM WITCH” and “GLAMCRAFT” were her constant companions, guiding her creative journey and adding mystical allure to her work.

Balancing the various facets of her career, LEXXE ensures that everything she does aligns with her artistic vision and values. Her role in Company XIV’s “Queen Of Hearts” allows her to explore different aspects of herself, enriching her artistry. By choosing projects that resonate with her, LEXXE maintains a coherent and compelling artistic identity, seamlessly blending her many talents.

LEXXE’s queer identity is integral to her music and expression. Embracing her identity with pride, she unveils new facets of herself with each project. Her lyrics reflect her journey of self-discovery and acceptance, resonating with the queer community and beyond. Songs like “DISCO WITCH” celebrate inclusivity and empowerment, creating a space for everyone to dance and connect.

Pride holds profound significance for LEXXE, both personally and professionally. Her first Pride as an out individual in 2022 was a milestone, marking her visibility and allyship. Despite the commercialization of Pride, she values the sense of safety and solidarity it brings. A memorable experience during a performance of “Queen Of Hearts” highlighted the emotional impact of her work, reinforcing her commitment to creating a safe and celebratory space for the LGBTQ+ community.

LEXXE’s “DISCO WITCH” is more than a track; it’s a testament to her artistic journey, queer identity, and commitment to creating a magical and immersive world. With her upcoming album, she invites fans to join her on an enchanting adventure, promising new sounds, stories, and endless disco nights. As she continues to evolve, LEXXE’s vision remains clear: to build a universe where everyone can find joy, empowerment, and connection through her music. From our conversations at The Chelsea Hotel to the creation of “DISCO WITCH,” I’ve had the privilege of witnessing LEXXE’s extraordinary journey unfold, and I can’t wait to see where her magic takes her next.




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