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Story + Styling // Phil Gomez
Photos //Sam San Roman
LEXXE, a supernatural force conjuring witchy disco hits, is a Puerto Rican New Yorker living in Brooklyn.  A classically trained ballerina turned singer-songwriter, that has been performing since she was three years old. LEXXE, the breakout leading lady of Company XIV, stars in the Bushwick-based burlesque troupe where she ravishes in her role as the Devil. It was on stage, within the tantalizing, gender-bending dreamscape where she found her true self, coming out as a queer artist and launching her solo career. Whether she’s performing as LEXXE or the Devil, there’s an undeniable stage presence that demands your attention.
Today LEXXE has blessed us with SANTA SANGRE, her newest 6 song EP. “Dominic Florio executive produced with me, and he really made it possible to come out in the time span I had and I couldn’t have done it without him”. Each song is reminiscent of legendary 80’s glam rock classics with powerful and seductive lyrics that bring out your inner video vixen. Her fresh point of view and vulnerability will have you dancing, crying and awaken the dark spirt within you, all at the same time.
What genre best describes the LEXXE sound?
My music is pop music because you can move to it, but darkwave, witchy disco is the music I make.
Top three musical influences? 
Stevie Nicks, Depeche Mode, Lady Gaga
What is the message behind your songs?
That our struggle is for a reason. Our suffering becomes our power and you can meet others on the LEXXE dance floor that have felt the “otherness” that brought you together to celebrate that.
Favorite lyric? Why?
Cast me into the shadows but roses bloom for me in the moonlight,” -Santa Sangre. This is my favorite lyric of mine because it speaks to my feeling of being outcast, but growing in that darkness- and turning it into something beautiful. Roses obviously need sunlight to grow but for me, my beauty has grown in the darkest of moments. The moon is just as bright as the sun in my world. ◦
Is LEXXE your alter ego? Are there others to come?
LEXXE is where I go to feel powerful, she’s always with me. I need her. I think she will always reign supreme. The worlds in which she lives in will change. Right now she’s conjuring her power, and learning how to use it. She used to be figuring out herself. She knows who she is now. I can’t wait to see where she goes next with this knowledge.

What does blood taste like?
 Blood tastes like learning to love yourself. It’s the hardest and most painful meal.
What are your 3 zodiac signs?
Scorpio Sun, Leo rising, Libra moon.
What is your mantra?
Be kind, the rest is easy.
Favorite scary movie?
This is hard. For me, it’s Bram Stokers Dracula. The movie that SCARED me the most, was The Others.
Pop star or rockstar?
Rockstar, 100%
What can we expect in the future?
More worlds for you to escape to. I’m painting them right now.

Join us as we celebrate the release of SANTA SANGRE



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