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Little Image is a rising indie pop band that is quickly making a name for themselves in the music industry. Comprised of members Jackson Simmons (vocals/guitar), Brandon Walters(bass/synth), and Troy Bruner (drums), Little Image has a sound that is both fresh and nostalgic, with catchy melodies and thoughtful lyrics that are sure to resonate with fans of all ages. One of the standout features of Little Image’s music is its ability to blend genres seamlessly. Their sound is a unique combination of indie pop, rock, and electronic music, which creates a dynamic and exciting listening experience. Whether they are playing an upbeat dance track or a melancholy ballad, Little Image always manages to bring something new and exciting to the table.

Another strength of Little Image is their songwriting ability. Their lyrics are thoughtful and introspective, often exploring themes of love, loss, and self-discovery. They have a gift for capturing the complexities of human emotions and experiences, and their music is sure to resonate with anyone who has ever felt the ups and downs of life.

We had the opportunity to listen to Little Image’s unreleased music and chat with them about their debut record set to release on May 22nd. The Album is called SELF TITLED and is more than just a collection of 13 songs — it’s deliberately sequenced to tell a story of self-doubt, self-reflection, and eventually, self-love. Take a look below to read our exclusive interview with the rising band! SELF TITLED is out now, stream it using the links below!

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First and foremost how are you feeling about all of your concerts on your headline tour?

So Good! We’re actually supporting Colony House on this tour and it’s been a dream tour for us. All of the shows have been very energetic and it’s given so much life to our music.

What were some of your favorite moments and highlights from the concerts you’ve had so far?

We’ve had lots of memories from our singer jumping on our drummer in the middle of the show and falling on his drum kit, to our first time playing cities like Cleveland and Kansas City… There’s so many highlights it can be hard to recall all of them, but the love we’ve received at so many of the shows definitely would be our biggest highlight.

Photo by Erick Frost

Congratulations on completing SELF TITLED scheduled to be released on May 12th! While I love the entirety of the album, some of my personal favorite tracks on the album are Runaway and Home. Would you guys be able to tell me the story behind each of the songs?

Runway was our first song written with a heavy hip-hop influence. It was an idea Jack started and we fell in love with it pretty much right away. It has a chorus that opens up really wide and crashes. It’s a style that we got to grow into. Home is pretty direct perspective of what it can be like living life on the road and fighting the duality of self when we spend so much time away from home. “All I know is I am home where you are” is a resolve that we can find ourselves and bring that duality together when we’re with the ones that we love. It is a story about home being where the heart is.

Listening through SELF TITLED the first time all the way through, the first song you hear is Ego. It is such a fantastic track, and I feel like with most of the songs on the albums, you take us through different stories. Later on in the album, after we have heard some of these stories or listened to some of you guys’ experiences, we then hear No Ego. I was wondering if you could tell me a little about how these two tracks compare or contrast with each other. 

For sure! The whole album is look into the mirror. There’s lots of stories coming from a look into one’s self. Our hope is the whoever listens can enter their own journey as they fight through each song’s question of motive and intent and use the songs to dig deeper into why we are the ways we are. Is it good or is it bad? “Ego” is the vulnerable beginning of the story, by the time you get to “No Ego” you’ve asked some hard questions, considered which part of us is ego and which part is genuine, hopefully you’ve had a bit of fun as the grooves come and go until you come to the place of laying that ego down to see what’s pure. “No Ego” is an instrumental track that documents the ride that the three of us went through to get to the point where we could make something that we feel is pure without ego. 

Photo by Erick Frost

I feel like listening to SELF TITLED all the way through it feels like there was a purpose behind the placement of each track and the order of the songs. I am curious about when you guys were writing the album, how did you decide which track was placed where? 

Totally, the album is a lived-in experience for us, so placing the tracks together felt pretty easy for us. We knew we wanted the listening experience to be a journey. With that idea of looking into the mirror and having a safe space to look and see what’s in front of you, we wanted to start in a truthful yet disarming way, and slowly get to the end of the record which explores some deeper emotion. The album ends in hope with the song “Glue” because we believe that something good and hopeful can come from every ending.

What was your favorite part when you made SELF TITLED? Can you talk a little bit about the writing process?

The album is a collection from years of writing and work. Our favorite part was always when we could bring our ideas together and work on them in the same room. There, every song took its shape so easily. The writing process for us is never the same twice, we all start different ideas and concepts are always coming together from all over the place. There’s magic when we can all get vulnerable in the same room together.

When your fans listen to your music, specifically SELF TITLED, what do you hope they take away from it?

Our biggest hope is that they would translate the songs to their personal stories. Our favorite thing to hear is that people find a meaning in a song we wrote that was way different from the original meaning it was written about. Music lives in this beautiful way that people can see themselves individually through it and even use it to go along with their lives. We want it to be a personal exploration.

Photo by Erick Frost

What artists do you guys currently listen to and draw inspiration from?

We listen to so many different kinds of music individually. Together though, we all draw inspiration from the visual world that Radiohead has always created with their music. We love rock and roll so Turnstile is always on repeat in the van, we love what they’re doing right now.. Bands like twenty one pilots, Mutemath, sample-heavy hip hop etc.

If there is anything that you did not get to touch on, that is extremely important to you guys, tell me about it!

We’re just really excited to drop this album, it’s been such a long time coming. We hope people get a chance to listen to the whole thing through as it was intended and can’t wait to sing these songs with people in the same room. That’s always when these songs come to life is when we can make music with the people in the room. We’ll see you out there!




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