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Director / Photographer // Andrew White –

Director / Art Director // Sam Bates –

Model //  Vega Harlan @vegaharlan

Video // Weston Flemmons – @westonflemmons

Makeup // Tony Tulve – @ttulvemakeup with Honey Artists

Stylist // Cassadee Chase – @cassadeechase

Hair Stylist // Linsey Marmorato – @runwaylinsey

Projection// Dan Aragon – @danaragonn

Photo Assistant // Gabriel Lee  – @gabrieljslee

Music // Thndrthf “Casual” from Unpopular Music


Vest, Recluse Club. Pants, Recluse Club. Overcoat, Nocturne. Beauty Credits, Viseart Paris Petites Mattes Cool. MAC lusterglass sheer-shine lipstick in Thanks it’s MAC

Bra + Skirt, Mila Sullivan x Sophie Isabella. Necklace, Dopl World. Earrings, Hann Karakoy. Shoes, Beautisoles. Purse, Kara. Beauty Credits Isamaya Beauty, Industrial 2.0 pigment palette LIPS in Cardinal.



Top, The End Lingerie. Underwear, The End Lingerie. Shoes, Beautisoles. Jewelry, Dopl World. Beauty Credits, Isamaya Beauty Industrial 2.0 pigment palette LIPS in Cardinal.

Dress, Mila Sullivan x Sophie Isabella. Jacket, Acne Studios. Sunglasses, Good Shades. Earrings, Lechelle Petite. Shoes, CHANII B. Purse, Kara. Beauty Credits MAC, Lip Pencil in Beet. Viseart Paris, Moisture Boost Lip Shine in Plumeria.
Dress, Fanci by Virginia Saiach. T-shirts, Recluse Archive. Shoes, Pipenco. Beauty Credits MAC, Hyper Real Fresh Canvas Cleansing Oil.

Dress, Pinenco. Hat, Pipenco. Gloves, Dopl world. Beauty Credits Viseart Paris, Petites Mattes Dark, Petits Fours Violetta.

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