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DeathByRomy is no stranger to the unconventional. She’s been referred to as a goth-pop star, and “Gen Z’s dark princess of pop” by PAPER. But if there’s anything she is not, it’s surface level. At just 20-years-old, DeathbyRomy is popularizing a dark take on pop music with mature aesthetics and passion. Her music echoes through our heads, she’s catchy, pop – but not too pop. There’s a tinge of chaos in her music, sultry layering, and meaty bass drops. Close your eyes and her music will take you to a gothic palace full of perfect acoustics.

As a member of Gen-Z, DeathbyRomy represents a group of people who have a passion for learning and figuring out who they genuinely are. DeathbyRomy is the perfect encapsulation of a young woman who knows what she wants and will work her ass off to get there. She doesn’t fray from being her full self, even if it differs from what everyone else is doing.

If anyone is sure of who they are, it’s DeathbyRomy. She doesn’t fear vulnerability or different ways of thinking. She doesn’t hide behind the mainstream and she voices what she believes in. She reminds us what we all should stand for: not caring what others think, and keeping true to ourselves.

What do you stand for?

“I stand for unity equality and restoring the power to the people. I love music, art and adventure, and food. I think change starts with refusing to stay silent, being willing to work in teams instead of on our own. And I think change starts with using your voice, whether it’s through music, poetry, activism, and then any way that you can. And I think change stems from taking advantage of your situation and recognizing your privilege in the midst of the world. Being on pause, I’ve definitely been feeling a lot more stirred, crazy, and reflective, and kind of manic in my own head. And I think that that’s birthed a lot of exciting and up and down the music. There’s definitely been a lot more of craving and a lust for life that I’ve been longing for and expressing through songs. And there’s also been a lot more of the hopeless romantic, and me that has been dreaming and dreaming and dreaming.”



photos / Julia Pitch @pitch_please 

STYLING + CREATIVE DIRECTION/ Phil Gomez @styledbyphil 

MAKEUP /  @francieluxe

HAIR /  Hailey Adickes @haileyadickeshair  w/ Celestine Agency

PA / @melissag.mez 

Photo Assistant / Tyler Deharte  @de_haarte and @herbystripes

Story / Sam Berlin @spberlin

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