TOO POOR on Internet Buzz and making clothing for the anti-corporation generation.

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Too Poor is the only person we know that can sell broken nails and wads of hair to her fans. The internet is just starting to get to know the dark beauty behind the girl with tattoos “Handle With Care” on her neck, and “Too Poor” on her knees. Her NSFW photos and videos has quickly generated an online buzz and a devoted following. We caught up with Too Poor putting the final touches on her latest clothing collection that is set to release early June 2017.

What’s up, girl? 

Just finished chain smoking for 3 hours, questioning my existence. (It’s 2:30a)

You’ve created quite the name for yourself in the online fashion world. Tell us about your upcoming collection! 

Literally put all my blood, sweat, and tears into it. I’m moody as hell, and everything I make is inspired by some melodramatic meltdown I’m currently going through.

When is the official drop? 

Shooting for June 2!

What inspired you to design your own clothes? 

My parents both had their own lines in the early 90’s, and opened up stores that I was basically raised in. I’m also just sick of supporting these huge corporate stores that are just ripping small independent artists off.

Do you have any advice to newcomers wanting to start their own line? 

Go for it. Bring something new to the table. Don’t be afraid to share your art.

What is something your fans don’t know about you? 

I’m an insecure little bitch, I hide behind Too Poor. Oh, and I have three nipples.

If you had to choose a fav tattoo, which one would it be and why?

I have “Too Poor” on my knees, which was basically the start of my second life

How important is social media to you? 

If I didn’t use it as a source of income, I’d delete it. It’s toxic, but we have a love/hate relationship.

How do you deal with any negativity that comes your way via social media? 

I see a good majority of it, but I don’t acknowledge it. If anything, it fuels me to keep going. Even if people are talking sh*t, at least they’re still talking about me :-*)



Bar or Club?


Bars, if they aren’t pressed 😉


Beach or Pool?


my bath <3 <3


Tequila or Vodka?


 Vodka, when I’m feeling skinny.


Eyeliner or Lipstick?




Boys or Toys?

Boys with toys.



Fries or Guys? 


Fries…. With chili cheese.


Gucci or Louis? 






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