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Valentines Day can easily feel like a rouse of hearts disrupting the idyllic state of nonchalant daily displays of love and casual attempts at courtship.  To help dissolve the archaic barriers of this celebration of martyrdom, Electro Soul Rockstar NoMBe interviews Multi-Disciplinary Artist Grace Bukunmi about the intricacies of this fine day.
Does Valentines Day hold much meaning to you?
I think it’s important to be reminded how special people are and I’m for any occasion that creates such an environment. I am aware however that it can easily become a source of jealousy, sadness, envy, and contention if greed and self-doubt rear its ugly headway into the occasion but at its core, I don’t see anything greedy with sharing love in pure intention.
Would you say you’re a romantic?
I would say I’m more of a lush person, more into lavish, plush and quirky moments that come like a thunderbolt. I don’t think romance is overrated but I think it’s very hard to describe in this modern world. To me, romance is something that blossoms over time, slow and steady but magical. I think I’m still moving too fast to get raptured in being fully romantic but I express love on a whim.
Are you currently boo‘d up?
In the words of the great poetess Ella Mai ” Biddy-da-dum, boo’d up.”
How do you feel your relationship affects your work?
It’s Ying and Yang, just as life. It enriches my work because I’m motivated to be a better artist, creative professional and generally better human being. It’s very complimentary in that way. On the other spectrum, the space given to a partner is space taken away from work, family, skydiving.. whatever is important you know?  Overall though, I think the most important thing for me is having a sincere relationship because I’m deep into commitment and can easily dissolve into the wants and needs of my partner so its important for me to be with someone who recognizes when I’m doing too much and cares enough to ease the burden.
Do you feel it’s hard to date as an artist/or dating other artists?
Every relationship pairing has its own delicate intricacies that can make it very difficult or an absolute breeze so I don’t believe any to be much harder than another. Dating a musician specifically can get challenging because it can sometimes feel that you’re dating them and their team. Dating other artists is also tricky because of the vulnerability both have to endure in having themselves and their art be accepted. When dating an artist, you sometimes have to navigate how they split their affection with you and with their art as both can require the same amount of dedication. But I don’t imagine its any harder than dating a carpenter or a solider.
Is there a film that’s a must-see in terms of art & love?
Literally the movie LOVE, beautiful cinematography and a healthy dose of existential crisis
What’s your favorite sweet?
Three-way tie between A Big Ole’ Symphony Bar, those precious Ferrero Rocher gems or
the inimitable Toblerone. I’m a huge sweet tooth!
What’s your biggest advice that you think has contributed to a long-lasting relationship?
Listening is beyond important as basic as it can seem. I think also giving each other space to grow and fully express our full sentience with no judgment is crucial. Also, just try not to take yourself so seriously and examine any difficult situation from a universe-view.
Any cute/terrible VDay stories you would like to share with our readers?
Waking up to a floor covered in roses next to charming gifts was quite nice but I  think being surprised at work with flowers and a showering of Le Labo was the cherry on top. Tbh, I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad valentines day. I’ve always parted ways from bad relationships before valentines day because I didn’t want any meaningless gifts haha..jk
Do you think chivalry is dead? 
I don’t believe so but if it is, it needs to be resurrected. I’m all for bowing heads, acknowledging the presence of other human beings, opening doors. I even think a curtsy every once in a while is good. Make America Chivalrous Again 2020









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