The End Lingerie Champions The Fearlessness Underneath It All

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Photos / Karen Peterson
Styling / Bei Kuo / @theendlingerie
For the naughty or nice The End lingerie has revolutionized the garment industry with elevated underwear infusing the best parts of S&M and punk-inspired symbols, into the most mundane parts of getting dressed.


Founded by model and artist¬†Bei Kuo, the line is an ode to being free in yourself and sexuality no matter what orientation, color or size. Bei is a self-proclaimed guardian to those who explode into their real selves without qualms, leaving a trail of no fucks behind. Just browse her personal IG account or The End’s site for the most eclectic of humans who all share a common badassery.


We speak with Bei about her brilliant line and learn more about the importance of The End’s garments and ethos and the way it champions the fearlessness underneath everything.


What is new with The End Lingerie?
Our very first swimwear collection just release couple months ago! Currently working on the next lingerie collection which is coming out this Fall/Winter, can’t decide which shade of nude I should go for!

For conception till now, what is the biggest thrill you have had as the founder of the line?


The relationship that we build with our customer is always the best thing ever, and it’s also something I didn’t expect to happen so naturally.¬†¬†¬†


What is the current muse for The End Lingerie?
All women, all kinds of shapes and colors.

What are some empowering stories you have heard from your customers?


There’s this one girl messaged us and said that she just got out from an abused relationship. She couldn’t find her confidence because of the awful things she been through. She said putting on The End really makes her feel strong and sexy again. It’s such a¬†therapeutic thing,¬†when you put on something nice, you feel cute and you realized you are dressing up for no one but yourself. So happy that people have that feeling of empowerment in The End. Lingerie should never be only to please others but to love yourself.

What has been the hardest part of starting the line?

Everything is difficult when you doing it with a very small team, especially, when English isn’t even your first language. But money is always the hardest part even to this day. And finding your suppliers, are also a struggle for The End since everything we do here are eco-friendly fabric.

What got easier?

When you learn that stressing yourself out is only going to make the situation worst so you stop worry and just trying to resolve it.

Can you give us some advice about how to start a business? 


I still don’t think I’m in any position to give people any advice. Realistically, everything all comes down to money, things go wrong all the time, don’t expect it to always go so smooth, just be prepared for spending more in the first couple years.


What do you love most about running the line?

You are your own boss! Hell yeah!!!

What are three things you do to feel empowered?


In general, I feel pretty good when I take care of myself (my body and my mind). And always stay positive and sound yourself with people who love you.

Where do you want the line to be in 5 years?


The End is only been 2 years old, I’m still feeling we are relatively young. So haven’t really visualized how it’s going to be. But I think the most important part for me is to enjoy the process and offering our fans something new and different each time.


Who would you love to see wearing your pieces?

Everyone and anyone! But I would die if BAD GIRL RIRI wears The End.



What does the family think of the line?


Most of my families are all back home in Taiwan, so all they can see is what’s on the website and social media. And to be honest, I’m not sure what they really feel about it, the only thing my dad asks is how much money I have made, typical Asian parents.


What is the climate like in today’s business¬†world for a young entrepreneur?


Because we are in a social media generation, it’s actually so much easier for entrepreneurs like us to promote¬†yourself. And believe or not, it grows our business as well. I can only speak for my experiences, there are so many fashion brands nowadays, aren’t taking the traditional route (going through agencies, trade shows, having a fashion show…). Because it’s a digital age, we are allowed to build our business strictly through social media and have a direct relationship with our customers. It’s definitely an¬†era for young entrepreneurs.


What do you say to people who are afraid to embrace their sexuality?


My parents took me to a hospital to see a psychiatrist when I was younger because I was dating a girl, and they want the psychiatrist¬†to “fix it”. So I know how it feels, cause I was so afraid once too. Just remember, I will embrace you! They are people out here to embrace who you are!
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