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story /  Tiffany Diane Tso

photos / Sarah Schwartz

styling/ Sydney Schafer

assistants/ Lucas Reilly & Tamyshia Curry

makeup & hair/ Katherine Park

music by the The Buttertones

DP/ Andy Madeleine

featuring / Angela Trimbur, Penelope Gazin, Sydney Schafer & Tatiana Louder

Introducing Planet Weird, and the vivacious, titillating women who inhabit this strange terrain! 

Sex On Planet Weird: A Twisted Teaserama gives a voyeuristic view into the alternate dimension where these mischievous maidens work and play. Fret not, fast fans – the video is an introduction to the upcoming graphic novel series, which is going by the same name. Inspired by burlesque stars in the vein of Bettie Page and Tempest Storm, Planet Weird presents its own spin on “Teaserama,” one of curiosity and grotesque.

Featured in this short film are a menagerie of talents, including actress and choreographer Angela Trimbur, artist Penelope Gazin, model Sydney Schafer and actress Tatiana Louder. Schafer and Louder are the ladies behind Lil House Productions, who produced the teaserama, which also features music by Los Angeles rockers The Buttertones.

Follow along as LADYGUNN gets a closer look at these female oddities from Planet Weird.

How did you all meet one another?

Trimbur:I held auditions for new squadlings for the LA City Municipal Dance Squad I run, we do halftime dances for women’s community basketball. Plucked Sydney right away. Called her “Choker” when referring to her on audition day, because she wore one. She is still in my phone that way. And Penelope sent in a self-taped audition and talked about the first time she had sex was in a patch of poison ivy, and she was covered in welts the next day. I loved her human style.

Schafer: Angela is our captain/choreographer, and Penelope and I are the loyal squadlings that graciously follow her lead. I went to highschool with Tatiana in Las Vegas – crazy I know. What’s crazier is that we were never pals until post high school, and now we live and work together!

What inspired this concept for Sex On Planet Weird?

Schafer: Sex On Planet Weird was developed while brainstorming ways to blend our love for eccentric unconventional media (think Tim & Eric meets Eric Andre meets Andy Milonakis – Hello, Planet Weird!) that give us ladyboners. At the same time exploring our love for starlets like Dita V and Tempest Storm.

Louder: SOPW is the precise phrase I used to describe that pizza port, retro sci-fi babe! The novel sprang from that; chicken before egg so to speak.

What and where exactly is Planet Weird?

Louder: Planet Weird is in another dimension! It’s an unlicensed mystery assemblage; basically just a bunch of nosy guys with guns. It daylights as a temp agency. Our gals (seen in the film) are the first ladies on the team.

Gazin: It’s located 5–8 cm (2–3 in) up the front (anterior) vaginal wall between the vaginal opening and the urethra and is a sensitive area that may be part of the female prostate.


What will the upcoming graphic novel series entail?

Louder: SOPW is a series of mysteries and daily life comics. You’ll get to see the gang’s ride on the struggle bus of acclimating to a new, hard ass job. Just as important, though, are their simple trials and tribulations of being girlz with a z.

What else can we expect to find on Planet Weird?

Louder: Planet Weird has an extensive array of any costume one might need or imagine. Also? Killer ‘moothies.

Gazin: …a dime sized spongey flesh pad.

What else does Lil House Productions have on the horizon, what work do you aim to do?

Schafer: Our aspirations for Lil House Productions include otherworldly cabaret nights and possibly a mini lingerie/performance wear line. 

Louder: I’m currently in pre-pro for my upcoming short film, “Les is More.” Also, a series called “Wigcap Monologues” might be a treasure to you TCM gals.

What has the reaction been like for this video thus far?

Schafer: There’s been mixed reactions. Most people love it and slightly understand the direction we’re going in… But there’s some friction, which is understood and expected.

Louder: Either pleasure or the appropriate disgust! Just like porn and reality TV, it’s the cringe that drives the car. I think our
message of illusion gets across either way.

How do you feel the video reflects on the IRL porn industry?

Schafer: This is thought up by women, styled by women and
executed by women. I don’t know too many other things in the porn industry that is spearheaded by the feminine divine. I hope that changes in the future, and if we keep spreading the love, I think it will.

Louder: There’s certainly compromises made on gigs as a
performer. We wanted to gift ourselves an opportunity to have a candy store of a project. Feminism and leggy dancing are that to me, so off we went.

Anything final comments?

Trimbur: It’s always very freeing to take something sexual and make it silly and gross.

Schafer: I love creating with woman and kissing boys.

Gazin: I had a 105 fever while filming and almost passed out a bunch.



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