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Everywhere around us, we’re getting to see young people taking matters into their own hands. Dai Time realized that she wanted to be the teen voice and face she felt was missing when she looked at youth representation in media, so she decided to found her own magazine “Dai Time Magazine” to spread positive messages to more than ten thousand teenagers world-wide.

She is an influencer, editor, media correspondent and host. At only 15 years old, DAI Time boasts an impressive 386,000 Instagram followers and has made her debut interviewing stars at red carpet events.

In this interview, she talks about her beginnings, projects, and how she visualizes the future.  

The first thing we would like to know is about your beginnings. Can you tell us a little about yourself? Where were you born, where did you grow up, and somewhat about your family atmosphere?


Hi I’m officially Dai Time (pronounced day time) a sixteen-year-old host influencer and actor originally born in Smyrna Georgia maybe 10 minutes north of Atlanta Georgia. I started my career touching any and everything that was intense like gymnastics and competitive cheerleading. I also enjoyed the spotlight which started my music career and now hosting path. Atlanta also exposed me to the world of skating. I was in the rink with my mom and dad after every practice and competition. 


How has your family supported you on this career choice, and what advice have they given you?


My mother is my biggest supporter and cheerleader. I told her my dreams to move to Los Angeles and she made it happen. My family in general is very supportive of my steps and assist when they can. 


Describe what a typical day in your life is like. What tips could you give our readers in order to keep on track with all your daily tasks?


My daily task consists of school work aka college classes and creating content for social media. If I’m not booked for an event, I’ll definitely coordinate an outing with my friends. 


From owning your own magazine company, to having hundreds of thousands of followers on social media and becoming one of the hottest influencers, to now hosting your own talk show on Snapchat. How did all of this come about? What has the process been like?


My journey to being one of the hottest influencers on social media definitely grew more during the pandemic. I had to become creative on ways to deliver my content. My Snapchat show was definitely a blessing. I love hosting and talking with celebrities and my Snapchat show is definitely what I’m called to do. 


With all this success at such a young age, where can you see yourself in 10 years?


In 10 years I will definitely have my own show on National television and a college degree. 


If you were stuck on a deserted island, who are 3 people that you would want to be stuck there with?


If I’m stuck on a desert island I’ll definitely say my uncle because he’s retired military, my dog to entertain me and definitely a best friend to keep me laughing. My mom would help from afar. She doesn’t like doing wild adventurous endeavors. 


What impact do you think social media has had on your generation nowadays? How has it impacted you specifically?


Social media is definitely my go to every day my generation loves social media. 


What are some of your tips for individuals attempting to follow in your footsteps in your career?


Stay consistent, be open and believe no matter what. 


Do you believe that people who have followed your content have benefited from it? If so, in what ways?


Yes, my content will inspire you no matter what. I touch on so many areas and feel good about my content. 


Do you believe in being open and honest with your followers, or do you set up boundaries with what people can see or know about your personal life?


Boundaries are so important. My private life definitely stay private. 


What do you think is one of the greatest hardships for people trying to break into the journalist field and entertainment industry?


The greatest hardship is the lack of trust and loyalty. So many of my peers are trying to be their best self and having trust issues will hinder you. Keep your parents close. 


What has been one of the biggest hot topic events that you have covered on one of your shows?


The biggest hot topic on my show was should social media have an age limit. 


How has becoming an influencer changed your life? What has been the biggest change?


Being an influencer is a beautiful thing because so many peers depend on me to inspire them. So I look forward to finding ways to hold my title.


Story: Mariana González Photos: Marie La Franque



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