Reed Woehrle On Being Social Media Famous and Living His Life Online

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Reed Woehrle’s rise on social media began with engaging and personal, (which is now Tik Tok) videos. With his big brown Disney like eyes, he seemed like he was singing right to the millions of tween girls who watched his videos. He quickly became popular on YouTube and rose to the top of the ranks of social media influencers.
We chat with Reed and get an inside look at being a social media personality, what it’s like to be young again and how he started his journey online.

Tell us about your journey into Tik Tok?
Well, when I started it was just something I found and was doing for fun. After I reached 5,000 followers I realized people liked my page and so that made me want to grow my fan base even more.

 How does one become a Tik Tok influencer? Can you give us some tricks of the trade?
I can’t really say how one becomes an influencer, I just do it and get a positive response from fans.

Are Youtube and TT a similar experience or do you have similar tactics for both?
I don’t feel that Tik Tok and Youtube are similar at all. The way I go about them are 2 totally different tactics.

What was your earliest experience with social media and putting your life out there? Did your parents ever restrict you?
My earliest experience with social media was when I was in 6th grade. And yes, my parents were very leery of me putting myself out there and being in front on the camera for all to see.

You and your girlfriend #Itsleilaniii #relilaniiii have such a cute and public relationship. Are there any reservations about that? Anything you guys won’t share and do you ever think about how you guys will view it on the future? The good and the bad?
My girlfriend and I met through social media so we both have always been in front of the camera. We don’t show everything on camera. Somethings are better left off camera so we can live somewhat of private life. It’s not always easy being in the public eye because people can be very opinionated and mean, especially when it comes to your relationship.

What is your favorite platform?
I would have to say that Tik Tok is my favorite platform right now.

What has been the most rewarding experience you have had from fame?
The most rewarding experience has been the fans. I have some of the best fans, they have helped make me what I am today.

Tell us about your work with Xespansione?
My work with the company has been great. Everything is still at the beginning stages but we are excited for more photo shoots, fashion shows and partnerships through Xespansione.

Who is the most famous person who ever recognized you?
I would have to say at this moment the most famous person to recognize me is Jacob Sartorious

What is your why?
Why I do this, it is because I love interacting with my fans and giving/receiving love and positivity.

What is your motto?
Stay positive and always treat others how you want to be treated.

What do you have in the works you can share.
Pretty much most things I have going on is under wraps but I can say that with Xespansione we have more of the XM line of clothes being out in boutiques soon and being in New York come September for pre-fashion week.

What are the trends on social media you can give to someone in their thirties?
Wow, thats a big one, but right now a trend on social media is about saving the environment and being aware of the footprint we are leaving for the next generation.

Is thirty old to you?
Haha, and no thirty is not too old. I am already halfway there myself

YouTube “ItsJustReed”
Instagram “reedwoehrle”
Tiktok “@.reedwoehrle”

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