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We’re not the first to decree 2016 as a tough ass year. It ain’t over yet. If you’re like us, you are just about to embark on your constantly last-minute holiday shopping. However, paying tribute to an era of wokeness, LADYGUNN wanted to offer a responsible gift guide that features an array of brands, companies, artists, designers, individuals and causes. They’re locally-made, independent, ethically-made, handmade, environmentally-friendly, small batch, healing, feminist, LGBTQ+, sex-positive, activist… all of the good stuff.

This year has been a particularly demoralizing¬†one. It’s time to sooth yourself, whether that’s through a little bit of splurging and spoiling, or tossing aside consumerism for some spiritual healing. This last stretch before the bandaid-rip transition into 2017, we are planning on resting our bones and rebuilding our strength and energy to wake up bright and early in the new year, ready to go back. to. work.

Here we go.


From top left to bottom right:

  1. Donate to Black Lives Matter – $ANY AMT
    Make a donation for a loved one, in support of the movement for Black lives.¬†💝 Koko
  2. J.Papa Sorry Mom Tee- $20
    J.Papa is handmade in Brooklyn. #sorrymom¬†💝¬†Koko
  3. Sunport Р$80 
    The world’s first smart grid solar delivery device! Show the earth you care.¬†💝 Koko
  4. Unbound Quarterly Subscription Box – $65
    Feminist curators of high-end pleasure products with aim of destigmatizing pleasure for all¬†💝¬†Maeg
  5. Floss Gloss Dusty Pastel Set – $46
    Brooklyn-based,¬†cruelty-free and vegan-friendly nail polish 💅🏽¬†💝¬†Ladygunn
  6. Donate to Planned Parenthood – $ANY AMT
    Help fight the voracious assault on our reproductive rights.¬†💝¬†Maeg
  7. Jed Ceramics Vagina Incense Burner – $40
    Handmade and made-to-order by ceramics artist Jen Dwyer¬†💝¬†Tiffany
  8. Carry This Book by Abbi Jacobson Р$25
    To keep your heart light. We love everything the Broad City ladies do.¬†💝¬†Ladygunn
  9. Donate to The White Helmets – $ANY AMT
    Please support those brave enough to volunteer for the civilians of Aleppo!¬†💝¬†Tiffany
  10. PH5 Asymmetric Knit Top- $185
    Really cool knitwear brand made by two women in NYC – one is a scientist and one is a designer.¬†💝¬†Alyssa
  11. Milk and Honey by Rupi Khar- $9.16
    Amazing book of poetry about the experience of violence and loss – it’s gut wrenching and beautiful.¬†💝¬†Alyssa
  12. Mother Denim Love Your Other Buster – $73.50
    Or anything from the Gender Neutral Collection.¬†💝¬†Alyssa
  13. Zero Waste Daniel Long Sleeve Raglan Bowie – $195
    A fashion tribute to David Bowie from the eco-conscious, zero-waste clothing line of Daniel Silverstein¬†💝¬†Maeg
  14. It’s Okay to Laugh (Crying Is Cool Too) by Nora McInerny Purmort – $18.05
    Amazing memoir to help remind you that you can conquer anything no matter what you’re going through¬†💝¬†Jonatan
  15. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Р$4.85 
    I live, breathe and swear by it. It’s not only great for your face, but if you have stretch marks or even want to get your hair healthier.¬†💝¬†Jonatan
  16. Haciendaware Ombre Pipe – $90
    Because these are some of the most beautiful pieces ever! Handmade in LA by artist¬†Meredith Arthur¬†💝¬†Ladygunn

Happy Holidays from the LADYGUNN family! We love you!

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