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Nine Lives, hosted by multi-faceted artist Kat Cunning, is an Instagram Live Q&A series to celebrate Women’s History Month. Kat appears on their Instagram (@katcunning) each Monday and Wednesday in March, with a new special guest. There will be a total of nine episodes in the series, with Kat asking each guest the same nine questions about inspirations, life philosophies, and, of course, food!
The series began with an introduction to the series where LADYGUNN’s founder, Koko Ntuen, asked Kat Cunning ‘the nine questions.’ This will be viewable later today on LADYGUNNS IG TV, in case you missed it. Nine Lives guest today (1 PM EST) will be French singer, actor, and multi-instrumentalist Soko, (@sokothecat). On Wednesday (1 PM EST) Kat will speak with Dickinson actress and musician, Ella Hunt (@ellahunt).
After the Instagram Live, each day’s discussion will live on LADYGUNN’s IG TV (@ladygunn), and on the Friday of every week, a recap of the week’s interviews will be available on for viewers to compare each guest’s answers.
Kat Cunning is fresh off the release of their first track and video of 2021 in “Confident” – watch that HERE. Currently, Kat is working on their forthcoming, to-be-announced debut EP.
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