LADYGUNN presents Telephone Podcast's: Bedroom Stories Starring Carolina Gutierrez

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Last November, LA visionary Natalie Neal started an interview-based podcast called Telephone as part of her continuing effort to tell women’s stories. The project highlights the unique and brilliant experiences of various women exploring empathy in a deeply intimate way leaving you feeling close to each subject. 

In Telephone’s Bedroom Stories, we get to explore a different aspect of intersectional gender equity.  The quiet film showcasing actress Carolina Gutierrez in Natalie’s delicately beautiful cinematography is an intimate tale of Carolina’s personal relationship with herself, something she’s been cultivating in private most of her life. As a trans woman, many of her truest moments happened behind a closed door in a bedroom. The ritual of putting make-up on, dancing and singing in front of her own reflection, and cultivating hobbies like collage and reading graphic novels, were vulnerable moments of solitude.vulnerable. Carolina says,

“I would distract myself to the point where I didn’t even have a chance to think about it, and one of the things that I would do is on my off time, I would experiment with my femininity and my womanhood.

I would lock myself in the bathroom for hours and I would play with makeup, I would play with my mom’s clothes, I would just be able to be myself in those spaces.

It’s like when you’re trapped in a room and you can’t breathe and there’s a little window and you can just open the window for one second and just breathe fresh air, and it hits you and you’re like ‘okay, I can make it through the day,’ because you give yourself that opportunity to be yourself.”

This month as Donald Trump is sworn into office as U.S. President, Telephone dedicates the month of January to telling the stories of 3 different trans women to give the middle finger to racism, transmisogyny and all other filth that Trump stands for.



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