LADYGUNN ON THE GROUND: Women’s March on Washington D.C.

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photos / Jimmy Kim 

story / Tiffany Diane Tso

Our country was founded on civil disobedience. In 1773, the Sons of Liberty peacefully protested against “taxation without representation” in a grand display by dumping 342 chests of tea into the bay, leading to the Revolutionary War. Without the act of protest, there is no progress. IE: The Boston Tea Party, the Civil Rights Movement, Occupy Wall Street, to name a few. This past Saturday, Jan 21, in the estimated largest protest the U.S. has ever seen, the Women’s March organized as a reaction to the election of Donald Trump, who won the electoral college but lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton.

The Women’s March on Washington flooded the streets of D.C. with a crowd that seemed to vastly outnumber the turnout for Trump’s inauguration. Around 500,000 marched in D.C. alone, according to multiple news sources. Sister marches took place across the country and the globe, from Seoul to Antarctica. The global movement marked the first day not only to Trump’s presidency but a unified resistance against policies and rhetoric that aim to weaken women’s rights and human rights for marginalized groups.

To show our support, LADYGUNN joined the ranks of the 1,000,000+ rallying for these human rights. Here are some of the individual faces that make up this magnificent movement.

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