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photo / Jeff Evrard

Nine Lives, hosted by multi-faceted artist Kat Cunning, is an Instagram Live Q&A series to celebrate Women’s HERSTORY Month. Kat appears on their Instagram (@katcunning) each Monday and Wednesday in March, with a new special guest, for a total of nine episodes with nine unique and glorious lives. Kat’s dialogue with friends and inspirations about life philosophies, identity, and, of one of their favorite topics, food, is a tiny window into the depths of feminine divinity.  Check out our favorite excerpts from these conversations below. 


I just recently realized that most of the connections I would make as a young adult were sexualizing myself and thinking that this is the part I have to play. And I think that stems from like a lot of like childhood trauma and like abuse and all this stuff. But like, I really thought the only way to get attention and to get people to care about you is if you give them what they want. And like, obviously in my head of my trauma and abuse, as all that people won’t ever from people is sexual interactions. So I definitely wish that I would have had that knowledge and being more aware of my trauma earlier on. So I would have wasted less time in cultivating these kinds of interactions with people versus real, proper friendships and intimacy and conversations that don’t have to be around. What’s my power. And what’s my value. And do you desire me or not.




I think for me, especially as a younger teen because I started acting when I was pretty young, people are really keen in the industry to sort of put you in a box and say, “this is what you do.” I think as women, we are also much more multifaceted than people would often have us be. It took me a while to really grow a pair and say, no, no, no, I’m not just going to act, I’m going to do music as well because these are both my passions. I care about them equally.



I would say that – at least in my eyes and the way I feel every day – there is no glass ceiling. I truly feel like there are no limits. If I want to do it, then let’s just make it happen. I think so often that when you go into a career, people pigeonhole you. You can’t be a singer and an actor, you have to be just this. Well no, what if I’m good at a lot of things? What if I’ve established myself in one place and then I can start doing other things? I think that that’s so important to just have a mindset of being a dreamer. Knowing that there are no limits in your mind is awesome. Being in a field where you feel like you can always grow is awesome. I think that’s one thing that is cool, I suppose, about being me is that I don’t believe that there’s a limit and I think that’s how everyone needs to live.




I think the best thing is that I have a platform to speak to people and talk about things that I want the world to be talking about. And that is such a privilege. When I first started doing social media stuff, cause it was so long ago, I remember it being such a crazy thing that I had 10,000 followers in 2014 or whatever. I was like, yeah, this is wild. But it is crazy that I’ve spent so much time now being able to say ‘this is what I think.’ I think when Black Lives Matter stuff started happening too, I was just like this is crazy that I can speak about this, that I can talk about it at all. I am so privileged that I have an audience to talk to about this. And yeah, I think that’s probably the best thing about being me right now, I feel, is that I can say something and someone’s going to listen.

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