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Artist Zerø Bluę has made her career a transit affair floating between her bases of New York,  LA and Mexico to create #inspiration #creativespaces #queerartist #queersafeplace with her music and her company Inspire Enterprises a  Production House & Community for artist not from this planet 🌎 #getinspired. The pandemic is a challenging time for many artist whose creations are constantly interacting with their community. I chat with Zerø about how she is dealing with the state of the world today.

Did you smoke today? lol

Yes, I have smoked weed today haha…Probably I’m smoking weed few times a day, every day. In  California we do smoke weed, especially in quarantine. Thank god Cali is so pro-weed. It’s definitely essential.

How are you doing on quarantine? Are you isolated at all or you do your thing?

I am not going out except to get some groceries or supplies. I went to the park once. I’ve been staying inside, I’m scared, it’s too much.

I’m by myself in it. I have here my dog and cat so it makes it great for emotional support. Animals are blessed to have them… Being alone basically sucks, I hate it.  But from the other side I’m trying use it  as a chance to get to know myself better. I meditate a lot and stuff. If I can get along with myself, it will be easier to get along with someone else. Im treating myself well. Cooking good dinner, pouring glasses of champaign, getting dressed up and cute for myself. I enjoy it and learn how to love myself more.

I realize tho that its tough time for other people a specially artists or people with weak mental health. I must admit that in first month I was definitely having anxiety and panic attacks. People are seating in houses alone, and they don’t know what is really going on, we don’t know what is a true and whats fake news. It all confusing and people are freaking out.

Did you notice any difference in interaction between you and your friends or boys/girls?

If yes, does it go more intense or people kind of zone out?

Yeah, I definitely noticed a huge difference. Some people pull back because they are like ‘we not going actually hang out and hook up so I’m gonna stop talking to you’  kind of vibe, but I also see interactions being stronger. Because communication is different I have a chance to get to know my friends better, we are there for each other and we appreciate our presence more.

How do you shape your free time? Are you more productive? What’s your daily routine?

Do I have routine? No. I’m gonna be very honest. I go with flow, I enjoy being creature my own schedule. I’m asking myself first how I am feeling and then I go from there to do something. Whats going on right now affects us mentally so we got it to take it day by day, step by step. Im kind of talking to myself: ‘hey Boo what do you feel to do toady?’ Okay…. u wanna take a bubble bath? You wanna take another bubble bath? You wanna take third bubble bath ? Just do it! You wanna put make up on and play video games – do it! We don’t know whats happening so we have to love ourself and enjoy own presence. Im alone in quarantine but if you hang out with someone else in this time,  you need find a new ways to bound, to connect on deeper level and how to respect own space. But I think definitely that many relationships will break after this time or even during.

I have also found that on many ways I’m more productive I got more organized, I meditate and trying to not to be so stressed out. Learn how to let it go and understand you can’t control everything and stop watching news too much

How do you think all of this going to screw us? Whats positives or negatives all this mess?

Yes. Just yes. It’s intense. it’s weird.






photos & story / Anna Bloda

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