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In our glitched out digital world full of social media platforms and wifi connections, Jesse Sunset seems like a likely muse with his candy-coated and Candy Ken accompanied personality.  The Australian native creates art and SoundCloud approved music like an ethnographic take on living an Instagram documented life accompanied by hot girls and the sort of privilege you might assume of someone who drives a convertible and wears a Gucci velour tracksuit to his wedding. 

During the international lockdowns, he was separated from his wife and is currently doing what all artists are doing – creating as much as they can during these confusing times. I talk to him about life during the pandemic.

You and your wife Ashley had to quarantine in different locations. How are you dealing with that?

I’m doing well considering how bad some people have it at the moment. People are dying and losing loved ones. So being separated from Ashley, as hard as it is, pales in comparison. Ashley and I came to stay with my family in Australia. We were here for a month, but then I decided that I would stay on for an extra month or two to work on music and she would go back. We live together in California. Then COVID hit and they canceled all the flights out of Australia. I got stuck here. Ashley was at her dad’s in Florida when it hit, and she’s stuck there.

When are you going to reunite with her and what you going to do first?

I’m praying that by June-July things have gotten better in Los Angeles and I can go back home. The first thing I’m gonna do is kiss Ashley and hug our little dog Jalex! Then we will smoke some premium Cali weed in the car at the airport and have sex in the back seat because it’s been three months now! So that will take about two minutes lol. Then we will go through the In&Out drive through and get some burgers. Go home, drink a few Bud Lights, and more sex stuff. Walk to a dive bar in Hollywood and on the way home get tacos from our favorite taco truck. Wake up the next morning and drive to Newport Beach and bodysurf the famous wedge all day! I fantasize about my first day back every day in quarantine. I can’t wait to taste the freedom of life again!

Where are you now?

In a guest house at my parent’s place, in Avalon Beach, Sydney Australia. A sleepy little coastal town where I’m basically from. My family moved around a lot when I was a kid. Mum is American and Dad is Australian. I grew up between the two countries. But I call Avalon my hometown cause I spent most of my teenage years here. It’s incredibly beautiful and there is nothing to do here but surf. It’s similar to Laguna Beach in California.

What’s your mood like?

My mood in quarantine ranges from hyper-productive, happy, full of energy, too anxious, and depressed. It swings wildly from day today. Quarantine is an emotional roller coaster. But I’m grateful to be here with my family. I can walk down and surf at the beach during the day. Australia has handled COVID better than arguably any other country so it’s a very safe place to be right now.

Are u doing a proper quarantine or feeling free in Australia?

I’ve been taking quarantine and social distancing seriously. Especially since I’m here with my parents and they are in a more susceptible age bracket for COVID complications. I was worried about them for a while. But because Australia flattened the curve so quickly that it’s pretty safe here with the whole country only having around four new cases a day. They closed the beach for sun-baking and stuff, but not for exercising, so I’ve been able to surf my way through this whole quarantine which has kept me sane.

Have you been creating more? If yes, what?

Yes, I have been creating a lot. I started a kind of dating show on my Tiktok called The Love Doctor. People write in with their relationship problems and I try to solve them. Last night one video got 50K views and now I’m getting flooded with questions, I can’t answer them all lol. It started off as fun thing but overnight I’ve kinda turned into this real-life love doctor for these kids on TikTok.

What’re your thoughts about the future of the world? Are people going to be changed after this rough experience?

Yes, I think people will change. First off, until they find a vaccine we are going to be living with this virus for some time. And life will be different from what it was before COVID. I think the big change will be people becoming more grateful for how amazing our lives really are. The human race is always moving forwards, so we never know where we are headed or what’s around the corner. Good or bad. Life as we know it can change in an instant. We all know that and feel that now. And when we can finally go back outside and live life, I think we will live it far better than we ever have before.

Do u have some solutions for the future when everything gets back to the norm?

When everything gets back to normal there should be big parties day and night and we should all live it up and be thankful and grateful from the bottom of our hearts that we are alive during this peak of human existence.






photos & story / Anna Bloda

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