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Think about the last time you got smashed face drunk. What did you do? Did you become completely morally bankrupt? Did you dehumanize anybody? Did you violate anybody?
Judge Aaron Persky handed convicted rapist Brock Turner the lenient sentence of six months in jail, which will likely became three months in jail – a slap on the wrist for for making a “drunken mistake.” The last time I was drunk, I downed too many Morning Star faux chicken nuggets and watched Hulu in bed.
Some people consider raping an unconscious person a drunken collegiate mistake (e.g.: Judge Aaron Persky), and some people consider it a felony that should be punishable by considerable prison time. GRLCVLT, a secret feminist Facebook group, agrees with the rest of civilized society and decided to do something about it.
In order to send the message that rape should be a crime with punishment that is not conditional to race, privilege or economic standing, GRLCVLT’s leader Remy Holwick threw letter writing parties and anti-rape culture gatherings in Brooklyn and Los Angeles.
In Brooklyn, utilizing a network of thousands of women, including studio and venue Holyrad, GRLCVLT threw a party with performances by Edith Pop, It Was Romance, Beccs and Feathers+Eyes, a live video call with Jessicka Addams of Jack off Jill and candlelight vigil. All in the efforts to dismantle the patriarchy, over 1000 women (and men) showed up to send letters to unseat Judge Persky and share their experiences with sexual abuse and assault.

For those who missed, it is never too late to make an effort for change. #FUCKRAPECULTURE #UNSEATJUDGEPERSKY

Remy Holwick

story / Tiffany Diane Tso
photos / Jena Cumbo
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