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Anna Bloda is one of the most fearless, sexy, talented badass babes we know. Her photography is raw, energetic, and is the type of work that pumps through the veins of NYC. Capturing everything from fashion to kids on the street she is constantly at the forefront of the underground, her images and lifestyle are documenting the “now” of today.

In Bloda‘s Choice, she presents the people, places, and things she wants LADYGUNN to know about. Today is Rebecca. A NYC scene kid Anna has known since she was 16 years old!

What’s your alter ego?

Batz; my best self; my final form. The always peaking, emo artist that hears no and takes no shit I strive to be everyday.

Where do u go?

Usually out of my body. If I’m not doing multiple things at once my mind is.

What is love?

Love is good energy and pure intentions with yourself and others

What does fashion mean for you?

Fashion is a means of expression. One day I’m feeling brighter or more feminine than others, so I’ll find something that matches my mood.

What are you dreaming about?

Currently? Making enough money and leaving enough of a positive impact on my communities to feel comfortable enough to go and do wherever I need. Or fall off the grid.




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