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Anna Bloda is one of the most fearless, sexy, talented bad ass babes we know. Her photography is raw, energetic and is the type of work that pumps through the veins of NYC. Capturing everything from fashion to kids on the street she is constantly at the forefront of the underground, her images and lifestyle are documenting the “now” of today. In Bloda‘s Choice, she presents the people, places, and things she wants us to know about. Today is Barbara Beddouk AKA French Brain a French-born actress and visual artist based in New York, making her music debut in 2018.
What is your Alter Ego?
I love the idea of “second self”, we all have one, either for entertainment purpose or just to explore new identities for ourselves. French Brain is my artist name and a sort of alter ego, which is a more Americanized me, eccentric, super fearless, wearing colorful wigs that comes out in my visuals. Barbara Beddouk will always be this sassy French woman with a blonde ponytail.
Where do you go?
Towards my goals, carrying a bag full of flaws, mistakes, and happiness.
What is Love?
Embracing the beauty around you – On our divine journey, the main lesson is learning to love unconditionally.
But to me what matters the most is how deep is our Philautia because self-love is everything.
What  does fashion means to you
Fashion is really important to me and so liberating. Besides my art; the visuals and music that I am creating, Fashion is setting me free every single day.  My style is a mirror of my personality.
What are you dreaming about?
Dreaming about French cheese and that special someone who won’t judge women that wanna have sex on the first date.




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