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If anyone knows about going fast it’s rising poptress Anne-Marie. The blonde bombshell has raced to the top 10 of the Billboard charts with her singles ‘Rockabye’ with Clean Bandit and Sean Paul, and more recently ‘Friends’ with Marshmello.

When we heard she would be attending Formula 1 we asked her to document her whirlwind around the tracks. The whole experience made us dizzy with adventure but give it a go yourself! 

Everyone was posing like this so I joined in

Just about to do the hot lap! As you can see I’m full of confidence.

I was shaking so much. Went 270 kmph! Ahhhh. Wanted to do it again straight away.

Saw a UFO

7 jets and 2 jumbos flew over our heads to celebrate the starting of the race. They were so low. I could watch jets for hours!

We got to go into the garage and see all the secrets!

I got the chance to go around the track in an open top truck and see all of the people watching the race, celebrating and learning about each corner and the legends who used to race!

I stole the trophy but don’t tell anyone. It looks great in my house!

The calm before the storm. Up close and personal with the drivers before they race for their lives! What a special moment. A feeling like no other!




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