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if they could see her

They would notice

that her skin is pink

even when she’s sad 

that she ate with her eyes

more than her hands 

That she liked 

pretty dresses 

even tho she felt

more like a prince 

Most of the time 

She didn’t know 

the difference 

between tearing up 

And cutting onions 

And sometimes–

Los Angeles was 

So bright–

It hurt to open her eyes 

But she learned 

if she squinted

just right

she could see– 

moments of her life 

in the skyline

And next time you drive  

past the Hollywood Forever Cemetery 

If you don’t blink

or sneeze–

You just might see her 

burning in the sunset 

Nails by Lori Howe @frmrbabynails

Makeup by Alondra Shields @alondraexcene

Model Alondra Shields wearing @discountuniverse (rainbow dress) and vintage prom dress

#35mm by Ericka Clevenger @erickaclevenger


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