26th Annual Tibet House Benefit Concert

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FKA twigs stole the show last Monday at the Tibet House Benefit Concert. The lineup of performers at Carnegie Hall provided entertainment for any fan. Philip Glass curated music icons Iggy Pop, Sharon Jones, Gogol Bordello, Basia Bulat; and in a “passing the torch” gesture, FKA twigs.
Twigs’ set was by far the least traditional that passed through the stage. Before the show, I noticed the audience’s age diversity as I listened to a group of women behind me(who actually paid for their tickets) complain about Miley Cyrus, and then later, had a conversation with the girl next to me about indie mags. The audience was a bit quieter than what twigs is used to, but as you can probably imagine, if you took your parents to see FKA twigs, they probably wouldn’t understand either. The stupefied silence broke into applause the second twigs finished her song. Everyone obviously understood that they had seen something great.
Philip Glass is an artist that I have been following since Koyaanisqatsi passed across my eyes as a wee art student. It seems to me that Glass is the type of man that has great taste and anything he puts his name on turns out to be so. He has been putting together a benefit for the Tibet House for 26 years. TWENTY-SIX YEARS. Seeing him collaborate with the artists was a great way to spend a Monday night. Words by Spencer Kohn

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