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You have those moments when the creativity well appears to have dried. You feel stuck and stagnant like you need to get something from inside yourself out.  The act of starting feels daunting and sometimes you just need a little push.  Photographer Carly Foulkes got together with the painter Jonny Alexander to get that push.  The goal was to start.  The constraints were minimal materials and a single day from conception to creation.  Uncommon Union was a reminder of the importance of creative community.  Of gathering with those who inspire you and to work together.  After such a time of separation from one another it’s as important as ever to help each other get back into the flow, whether it be in art, in communication, in re-entering the world.

 Muse + Photographer: Carly Foulkes
Muse + Photographer: Jonny Alexander
Shot at Arches Vista
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