The Golden Hour

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t_MG_8276-Edit t_MG_8253-Editt_MG_8283-Edit t_MG_8330-EditVintage clothing from Garment Vintage, sandals model’s own.

t_MG_8481-Editt_MG_8486Black pumps by TopShop, socks by Darner Socks, vintage clothing from Garment Modern
t_MG_8401-EditVintage clothing from Garment Modern, white pumps by Martiniano.

t_MG_8344-Editt_MG_8385-Editt_MG_8379-Editt_MG_8578-Editt_MG_8553-Editt_MG_8497t_MG_8528-EditAll clothing vintage from Garment Modern, socks by Darner Socks,  black pumps by Top Shop.

Photography / Katy Shayne
Muse / Rachel Pychinzska
Style / Katy Shayne + Rachel Pychinzska
MUA / Bekka Baker
Art Direction / Katy Shayne + Rachel Pychinzska
Special thank you to Magda Sayeg for the space

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