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Tags And Throws is the world’s leading online source when it comes to documenting the backbone of graffiti bombing – tags and throw-ups. With 90.000 followers on Instagram and 1.6 million views on YouTube, TagsAndThrows aim to give the bombing enthusiasts their daily fix, as well as educating people outside the graffiti culture about the phenomenon of getting up. It’s now time for their 6th short documentary release – Bombing With Uzi. The viewer gets a unique chance to visit the world of one of Europes most legendary graffiti writers – Uzi – as he’s making his name famous on the streets of Stockholm, Sweden.
How long did it take you to form your signature tag?
It’s a slow never-ending process.
Do your friends know you are UZI?
Some do some don’t.
How has Stockholm help develop your craft?
It made me fast and effective!
Is there anywhere in the world you’d like to bomb but haven’t? and to that note, have you bombed in other countries? around how many?
I like to go to a one month freight-train vacation in the US and Canada. That’s something I really like to do in the future. I’ve been to many countries, since I used to be really into writing on subways and trains. With that comes a lot of traveling – always searching for a new system. I’ve done subways and trains in a lot of the European countries + Moscow and Mexico city.
Do you think if Sweden didn’t have or removed their zero tolerance for graffiti that that would be a good thing or a bad thing. Please explain.
Personally, I don’t care. I don’t think they removed it yet actually, but it will be up for discussion soon. Anyway it would be great if they removed it. It will be a bit easier for the kids to do their thing.
If you had to express yourself in another form of art other than tagging, what would it be?Do you have other hobbies or art forms you do?
I like to ride my bicycle. I would love to be able to create electronic music. Working on that right now.
Were you hesitate to do this documentary? if so, was there any other reason than to protect your identity or not get in trouble with the law?
I think Thomas asked me two times some years ago. I always say no to things like this. I don’t really like to not have 100% control of things myself. I’ve done the video and book thing earlier in my “career”, so it’s a bit “been there done that”, but I said to myself that during 2015 I will say yes to all things that people ask me to be involved in. Kickstarting the media thing again!
Explain to me, as if I came from another planet, what graffiti/bombing/tagging is- in your own words.
Hello Mr/Ms Spaceman! I like to write my name everywhere, you should try it! =) Bombing and doing graffiti is a kids adventure that I’ve been lucky to keep on doing when growing older. It keeps me young in mind.
Who, if any, are your “idols” so to speak or influences when it comes to tagging?
The people I look up to have changed during the years, but I’ve always liked really early 70’s New York train writing. Bubble letters are the best! My funk list always include these names: Sabe from Copenhagen – a style master that burn us all and can do it all – pieces, tags and throw-ups. Ale 70’s funk master. Fuzz – he got that funk! Ket, Ven, Ghost and the rest of the Ris crew – spacefunk delux! Egs from Helsinki – crazy styles whitout loosing the history. And Buzter from Sthlm, he quit way too early.

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