Meet Photographer Parker Day and find out why we LOVE her!

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Parker Day. That’s a great name! Is it your real name?

Indeed! My first and middle, anyway. My dad was a big jazz fan and Charlie Parker was his favorite. My parents considered Charlotte or Charlene for a girl but decided on Parker, not knowing what gender I’d be.
Where do you come from, and how long have you been in Los Angeles?
The Bay Area up until just shy of a year ago when I migrated south. I love how open and creative people are in LA. It’s been absolutely effortless to connect with other creatives and collaborate.

Favorite thing about los angeles?

The people! Also the weather. I swear I have lizard blood and need to soak up the sun’s warmth.
What’s your sign?
Aries sun, Scorpio rising, Pisces moon. 😉
What’s your favorite food?
I love all the yummy vegan foods but peanut butter and banana sandwiches always warm my heart & belly.

Tell us something unique about yourself?

My favorite word is “moist.” Say it out loud for me. Go ahead. Feels dirty, doesn’t it?

Have you always been a photographer? How did you get your start?

Yes! I got my start when my mom gave me a disposable camera as a small child and I posed my stuffed animals just so beneath the ferns in the backyard. From day 1 I’ve wanted to construct scenarios, not just happen upon them.
Did you go to art school?
I did, straight out of high school. I sometimes half jokingly say it’s my only regret in life. It’s honestly such a racket. Spend your money getting equipment and practicing your craft. Especially now that there’s Youtube and forums for everything, your only educational limit is your motivation. I’m speaking for art anyway, you probably shouldn’t try to be a doctor off Youtube.
You have a very unique style, how did you find your voice?
Thanks! I feel like I’m still finding it but it’s only through practice and trusting my intuition. I think intuition is that voice that we each have that’s uniquely ours and it becomes more audible the more you listen and ignore the judge in your head that says you can’t or you’re not good enough.
What inspires your work?
Everything is an inspiration. I’m a big sponge soaking everything up and than wringing myself out to create.

What do you usually shoot on?

Always Canon. These days I use both my 5D Mark II to take test photos and then shoot on my 35mm EOS-3. I generally use either a fixed 50mm or 85mm lens.
What are you trying to say with your photos?
I’m analyzing identity with them. I see identity as something we construct and dismantle at will, but that is reinforced by the people we’re connected with. We have the power to change our identity and transform ourselves, and manipulate how others see us. This can be a great tool if you know how to wield it or it can crush you if your identity is based on what you think others want. Being in a time where social media is so influential particularly brings these ideas to light.

Where do you find your subjects? What draws you to them?

The internet! It’s their personality that shines through for me. I most want to work with creative people because I enjoy collaborating on the look and feel of the photo. I want my subjects to put themselves into the character they’re inhabiting.

What has your process been for this particular series?

Day dream, take disjointed notes, day dream some more, go thrift shopping, creep around Facebook.
Do you draw inspiration from other photographers?
Of course. Artists in general, though. I spend a lot of time watching art documentaries on Youtube and Googling artists. Some of my favorite photographers are William Eggleston, Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Lee Friedlander, and Alex Prager.
If you could spend a day with anyone, dead or alive who would it be?
My dad.

Other interests that define your style outside of Photography?

I adore vintage fashions and aesthetics in general circa 1950 through the 70s.
Do you use any other medium to express yourself artistically?
Is dancing with your Himalayan cat in the kitchen an artistic expression? Then yes, yes I do.
Photo credits:
Ericka, Kelli, Leila, styled by Kacey Barnes @_jusyteen_ with make up by Christina Couch @darkwavemermaid
eve gianfranco kelli leila lily
starring: Cleo, Ericka Clevenger, Eve ,Gianfranco ReyesKelli RadwanskiLeila PerryLilySan ChaSean East, Stella

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