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In 2016, Trevor “Trouble” Andrew, or whom you may now know better as the artist called GucciGhost, collaborated with Gucci’s Alessandro Michele on their Fall runway collection. And since then, has built a steady repertoire of work not only as an artist and designer, but also musician.

Recently, Andrew designed a special capsule collection for Citi Sound Vault  — a cool platform for Citi members that gives special access to intimate concerts from performers like P!NK, Muse and Chris Stapleton. Music has always had a special place in Trevor’s heart, dating back to his days of snowboarding and skateboarding, “music has always brought inspiration for me. Like skateboarding [and] snowboarding — there was always a musical element to [them] and it really inspired me. Everybody’s an artist and we just find our own way to be artists,” he says.

Andrew created a cool gold and black collection in honor of the Grammy’s — from hoodies to hats, and everything in between — which showcased his signature graffiti-style, and featured a “vault” piece which he created especially for this collection. Many of the items had scrawled across them, “This is worth Money,” a sentiment that Andrew felt captured and commemorated these special concert experiences for the fans in attendance.
Taking his background of skateboard culture and Keith Haring-esque design, Trevor designed a fashion statement for all music fans to love while proceeds from the sales of the collection will benefit the non-profit org, “Musicians on call,” which brings live and recorded music to the bedsides of patients. Trevor says of the collection, “I was thinking about the kind of the symbols that would describe [this] experience, and I thought that it was so fun [to share] art with people in this very exclusive way.” He also relates the experience to using an actual bank card, “Instead of getting the money out of the thing, you’re getting a memory out of the thing, you know what I mean?”

He adds, “it’s like unlocking this moment, this memory, and I hope that when people go home and they forget about this for a couple years and then they remember it — they bring out the tee shirt to their daughter [say], “I was at this really cool event and it was really cool — I used to be cool!”



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