Celebrating Caribbean Roots: A Spotlight on homework Gallery during Miami Art Week

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Patricia Encarnaci贸n’s Sugar Cane

Perhaps you have already heard about homework, if not let me be the first to introduce you to them. The nomadic art gallery was founded by Aurelio Aguil贸 and Mayra Mejia in 2021 during Miami Art Week. With a mission to challenge conventional notions of art, the gallery acts as an innovative platform for artists to present their work to a worldwide audience. Through its thoughtfully organized exhibitions, it demands its audience to reconsider their ideas of what art can truly be, raising discussion and critical reflection. The exhibitions are held in experimental art spaces, providing an exclusive and interactive environment for viewers to engage with the art. Valuing inclusivity and accessibility within the art world, allowing people from all backgrounds and communities to engage with contemporary art. One of homework鈥檚 key strengths is its ability to blur the boundaries between established and emerging talents. The exhibitions often feature a dynamic blend of artists, showcasing both mid-career names and promising newcomers. This eclectic mix encourages viewers to perceive art through a fresh perspective and results in a sense of curiosity and discovery.

As Miami Art Week approaches, so does homework’s two-year anniversary. This milestone will be celebrated with not one, but two special happenings: a pop-up exhibition in the Little River area and an immersive booth at NADA Miami. Both are set to take place during the highly anticipated Miami Art Week and are focused on showcasing Caribbean identity through art. These exhibitions will feature diverse perspectives and voices from the region, highlighting its rich cultural heritage. The pop-up exhibit, “Hormiga Caribe” (Tropical Red Fire Ant) will showcase various artists who either hail from the Caribbean or have strong ancestral ties to the region. Additionally, their booth at NADA, will spotlight the talents of artists Juli谩n Chams and Patricia Encarnaci贸n.聽

Known for their resilience as well as their ability to overcome insurmountable obstacles through teamwork, Hormiga Caribe is inspired by these powerful creatures. Their sense of community is so strong that an attack on one hormiga caribe can provoke a powerful response from the entire community. There has been a great deal of cultural significance attached to them throughout history. It is believed that they represent diligence, patience, and hard work among some Native American cultures. This exhibition will display the direct connection between Hormiga Caribe and the artists within this province.聽

鈥淭he exhibition will celebrate the fiery determination of Caribbean creatives who, like the Hormiga Caribe, adapt and thrive, no matter the adversity they face. Their art, diverse and dynamic, transcends boundaries and dares to challenge conventional curatorial explorations. Just as las Hormiga Caribe creates intricate networks of tunnels and chambers, artists in the Caribbean have forged connections and collaborations that challenge conventional wisdom, breaking down barriers in the art world and beyond,” shares Aurelio Aguil贸, co-founder of homework.

Julian Charms “Traces and Visions”


On the other hand, homework鈥檚 booth at NADA Miami will instead feature brand new art pieces crafted exclusively for the fair by Chams and Encarnaci贸n. Encarnaci贸n reconceived colonial devices to provoke thoughtful discourse, while Chams remodeled Caribbean visual imagery to put the spotlight on a culture often ignored. Visitors will be able to analyze cultural identity and nature creating a visual extravaganza like no other. Both works will serve as repositories, using objects, symbols, and imagery to perfectly preserve the Caribbean essence.

With this new offering, homework hopes to ignite introspection among guests and art enthusiasts alike as they are exposed to the voices and perspectives of the Caribbean region through these pieces. This thought-provoking journey invites attendees and collectors to contemplate how these artworks shape their understanding of this vibrant culture. As always, homework is devoted to involving the community by offering a diverse and lively range of activities at their Little River establishment. This will include engaging panel discussions, riveting performances, screenings that will call for reflection, and much more.

Be sure to stop by homework’s pop-up event located in Little River, Miami from December 1st to the 10th. At 7338 NW Miami Ct Miami, FL 33150.聽

homework’s booth at NADA will be held at the Ice Palace Studios from December 5th to the 9th. At 1400 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33136.


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