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LADYGUNN KENI untitled-10
New Orleans native, Keni Anwar, a is an artist, writer, fashion designer and filmmaker who has been inspiring and being inspired by the city’s vibrant creative energy for most of his life. At just 23, Anwar’s affiliation with cultural hub Saint Heron, where he acts an a writer and contributor, has helped shape the creative direction and community of NOLA’s finest.
This year Keni will put out his first independent fashion film exploring themes of elusive love, black love, inescapable heartbreak and finally finding one’s self. He shares an excerpt of the project BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOR with us exclusively.
“I hate myself for feeling the way I do—about him—after all this time. His clear disregard and dismissal of me show that he doesn’t care and never has. Men. Could love really leave you in such cold? My friend told me in special circumstance, but… that is something I just don’t seem to understand. “Nothing real can be threatened,” echoes my sentiment and what’s real… is that I still love him. Shit.

I’m numb to what happens today or what even happened yesterday and the gray outside my window cements my fate. Our story plays on loop in my head… I point the finger at me; I think he did too. Isolation and letting go and getting your heart back are the muddiest of pains. They are hell to go through all at once.
This man could never love me. He can’t even love himself. Two black men of today, but one has a “rep” to protect. To be continued…”
Follow @keni.anwar on Instagram to keep up with all his work.
Photos / Gia Trimble
Model / Keni.Anwar
Make up / Ashley Gomila @ Crosby Carter Mgmt using Baxter Of California 
styling / Noël Martin
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