Artifcial Sweetener

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Stefanie_Parkinson_1 Stefanie_Parkinson_2 Stefanie_Parkinson_3 Stefanie_Parkinson_4 Stefanie_Parkinson_5 Stefanie_Parkinson_6 Stefanie_Parkinson_7 Stefanie_Parkinson_8 Stefanie_Parkinson_9 Stefanie_Parkinson_10 Stefanie_Parkinson_11

“Artificial Sweetener” A future constructed brand divided into an assortment of sugary sweet themes that adopts, and explores the ideals of mass media, advertisement and public space. A multimedia-based project “Artificial Sweetener” is a speculative tool to stimulate the viewer‘s awareness of now and speculate as to what the possible future maybe. Delightfully questioning the public’s current perception of their surroundings, and generaattitude of powerlessness towards the mass media. Each collection of eccentric products and invasive forms of media re leased under “Artificial Sweetener” offers a gentle satirical take on these ideals through constructive parody showcased throughout the series.

photographer /  Stefanie Parkinson
art direction, design and construction of suits, boxes and objects/ Da’Niro Elle Brown
makeup / Ludie Senatus
hair / Brett Jones
models / Desiree Dahl, Erika Davis, Da’Niro Elle Brown, Yosef Johnson, Rocky Butler,
Jake Mason Macklin, Chris Carter


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