Lisa Reider molds, paints, and burns it all down.

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Lisa Reider is the kind of woman who walks into a room and easily captures attention with her brand of casual cool. Raised in a suburb outside of Chicago, one would never guess she came from such humble beginnings when spotting her work on display in a gallery setting among other artistic luminaries. Now living in Hollywood, Lisa mostly works in capturing the fluidity of the human form. When not painting she extends her art to her own form, often found in captivating fashion both in her day-to-day life and in front of a camera lens. Lisa will be one of over 75 artists participating in the Branded Arts charity event on Saturday at the TCL Chinese Theatre to benefit Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services. Tickets can be purchased here.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

Its figurative and kinetic – focused on the body, its form and its relationship to identity. I feel so in love with bodies! What we do with it, how it moves, how it stays still, what happens in its absence. I find it all so utterly beautiful and want to re-create that feeling in my art.

Why are you drawn to the arts?

I’m not sure if I was drawn to them, away from something else per se. I’ve done so many different things and it seems to be drawn to me. It wiggles it way into everything I do. Now I am allowing myself to become a bigger part of it. I somehow always seem to end up on the creative end of my projects, usually covered in paint.

You’re participating in a charity event that will help disadvantaged youth. Can you talk a little about your experiences with art as a kid? Did you find support through your school or a mentor?

Art was considered a “hobby” where I came from not a career or how you make an actual living.  I was super lucky to do a ton of classes and summer conservatory stuff. It taught me how to be myself in the purest sense. I was a bit different and awkward cause I loved everyone, everything and felt like I fit in everywhere. Art gave that to me. That ability to understand my identity came from art – mold it, paint it, and burn it all down if I want.

You’re very fashion-inclined. Can you tell us about a few of your style icons?

I’m blushing right now. Thank you, but it was a wild ride. In grade school I showed up to school (bring your parent day thing) wearing a Keith Haring print-ish jumpsuit and with my crazy uncle playing the bagpipes. I had seen it in a magazine and thought it was the coolest fricken thing ever. I’m from the Midwest – the class felt otherwise. Influences: Bianca Jagger in Halston 77 ( the deeper the plunge the better)- Diane Keaton in Annie Hall 77 – My mother in YSL circa 1991 ( holy camel jacket extravaganza)  – anything both Jack Nicholson and Anjelica Houston would wear during the dating years – Kate Moss naked.

What is a medium you have always wanted to try and what would you do with it if given the opportunity?

I want to weld with steel and attach marble to make a crazy weight balanced kinetic sculpture. I want to create the love child of Calder, Matisse, and Noguchi.

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