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words / Samantha Berlin

The video for Dorothy’s “Get Up” incorporates all that is unadulterated rage—visceral angst and an I-don’t-give-a-fuck-attitude. Intimate (in an unfamiliar way) and in-your-face, the video is extremely minimalist, comprised only of a single-take shot of crimson-pouted lead vocalist Dorothy Martin growling into the camera.
“We shot this video up close as one continual shot because I liked the simplicity of it,” Dorothy explains to LADYGUNN. “The image of messy bright red lips is equally important because it shows a woman who is standing on the verge of chaos, throwing caution to the wind, ready to risk it all for a chance to fly. This video channels a lot of inner aggression.”
In truth, Dorothy gives off the vibe of a woman who will throw her drink in your face if you piss her off. (Mob Wives soundtrack, anyone?) The video embodies the one thing that we need to remember at all times: don’t be afraid to cross the boundary between sanity and chaos in order to risk it all. This music video is A1 if you a.) love bad ass bitches, b.) love amazing rage-rock, and c.) crave personal connections to people you’ve never met.

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