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interview / Gina Tron

Miss Guy is premiering his music video for his fun new single, Tonight. And he’s premiering it with us, LADYGUNN! He spoke to us a bit about the video, the song, and about his style.

What was the concept behind the video?

I guess i’m supposed to be some sort of space creature. It was the director’s idea . He did choreography. Although he said I can’t do any of the choreography because he said I can’t dance. So he made it work for me that I didn’t have to. Though I did try the choreography and i did want to do it. Maybe in another video down the road.

What’s this song about?

I wanted to do a [kind of] KISS “I Was Made For Loving You” thing.  How a lot of the rock bands in the late seventies did. I wanted to do something in that vein.  The lyrics were about somebody I had a crush on at the time. I don’t remember who. I wrote it and recorded it like 7 years ago. But, i actually finished it up fairly recently. The lyrics are about trying to get somebody to get down with me. What else you working on?

I’m shooting videos and I have a couple shows in the fall. Planing to do some new music.

Who are your fashion inspirations?

I’m inspired by lots of things. Lately I’ve been really inspired by Marlena Dietrich and I’m usually drawn to more um messy haired sex kitten bombshell blonde types.  That’s always been my main obsession [and] he biggest inspiration behind my own look.  Lately I’ve been into the thirties glamour queens that were sort of wearing suits and looking very chic. I think deep down I’m a closet chic. Or, I wanna be. I love the way that sorta looks and I think it’s very androgynous. I’ve always gone for the more trashy rocker whore look. Old movie stars and there aren’t too many pop stars today that are inspiring me. Musically ya but visually no. I’m more interested in people like Cher, Debbie harry, David Bowie. Throughout the years they’ve put out really exciting looks. [Also inspiring is the] streets of New York.  You get inspired every time you go outside. i’m inspired by my friends.

Miss Guy has an EP coming soon called God Save New York that he created with Debbie Harry. They recently held a listening party to celebrate it.

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